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THAT SQUAT BOT follows my journey to fitness, health, and happiness

… And  to a fantastic bum, but that’s just an added bonus.

that squat botI’m Sarah, a sport marketing MSc graduate with a love for food and fitness – in fact so much so that I now work in health and fitness marketing. I live, workout, run, lift and play in Manchester, UK.

To make this page slightly less awkward for me to write, I’ve answered some questions that will hopefully show you what I’m all about…

What’s your favourite food?

Pizza. Always. I especially love spinach and ricotta pizza, or one loaded up with vegetables. I do also love rump steak – I know it’s the worst cut, but I really hate fat running through meat – watermelon, raspberries, pomegranates and cherries!

What do you do for a job?

I’m about to move to a really exciting new sports marketing role, so I’ll tell you more about it soon. When I left school I worked as a horse groom for a few years, then a veterinary nurse – I decided I wanted to work in business and marketing though so began my degree late.

What’s your dream body?

I can honestly say I want to be the best version of myself. Even if I coveted someone else’s body, where I gain muscle and hold fat will be completely different to theirs. However, I really love strong, athletic bodies – Alison Scudds and Brooke Wells are both so different, but both look amazing and are incredible at what they do.

Are you in a relationship?

Yes – I’ve been with Chris since 2009, so the phrase “long-suffering” probably applies here – for him, of course!

What’s your best CrossFit move?

I don’t think I’m particularly good at anything (yet!) but I love doing pistol squats, double-unders, deadlifts, power cleans and squat snatches. I don’t like burpees… they take everything out of you! I still can’t do most gymnastic stuff – toes-to-bar (consistently), handstand push-up and handstand walks seem a million miles away for me.

Which is your favourite pair of trainers?

That’s honestly like choosing a favourite child, but right now probably my Reebok Jungle Gurl InstaPump Fury shoes which Chris got me for our anniversary.


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