What To Expect At Your First Chiropractor Appointment | My Experience

what to expect first chiropractor appointment

Take a look at my back in the above photo. What do you see? Is it my chubby lats, forever evading a strict pull-up? Or is it my baby traps, slowly growing with hundreds of cleans? You’d be forgiven for not spotting my spine curving to the right and the protruding shoulder blade – after all, it was only a few weeks ago at an unrelated doctor’s appointment I became aware of my scoliosis.

I’ve always been a bad back sort of person – long before CrossFit, strength training and running, I was very horsey and spent a lot of time in my teens mucking out and falling off spectacularly. I even smashed up my shoulder when I was 11 and have a pin in it! I always thought it was normal for people to have a bad back, and had mainly ignored it, until CrossFit really brought the problem into focus – from my lack of mobility in simple things like squats to pulling my hamstrings on three separate occasions – and I decided it was time I got my back problems sorted once and for all.

I’d had physio and had been having regular sports massages, so I knew I had to try something different to make the change – I was recommended to try a chiropractor, so last week I visited Sam at Davies Chiropractic CareView Post


Mind Games | Why I Think Olympic Lifts Are Hard To Learn

learning olympic lifting

Without a doubt my favourite part of CrossFit is the Olympic lifting. It’s something about the explosiveness, the power of getting something that heavy over your head, and above all it’s the refined technique that I love the most; the fact that you really need to put in the graft and learn these lifts. There’s no luck involved.

There’s a myth that CrossFitters have bad Oly form but that’s just not true – my coaches are obsessed with not only our technique but their own technique too, and give very insightful pointers. It might be easy to do your first couple of Olympic lifts, but once you start reaching heavier weights you realise that good form is everything – there’s no cutting corners with these kind of dynamic lifts.

Taking a step away from the fact-based how-tos on the blog of late, I’m having a little ramble on why I think learning to Olympic lift is so hard, and in turn, why learning in general can be so hard too. This is just my opinion on why I think I find Olympic lifting challenging so I’d love to hear your thoughts and reactions on this, and whether it’s something you experience too. View Post


Are Weightlifting Shoes Worth It + Are Romaleos The Best?

best weightlifting shoes

You may have already spotted me wearing my lifting shoes on Instagram or you may have even seen others at the box at the box wearing them, and wondered what exactly these shoes are for. Essentially, they create a sturdy platform in order to do dynamic Olympic lifts, and they also raise the heel, meaning you can squat lower to get underneath a heavy snatch easier.

The clothes do not make the man, though, just as the kit doesn’t necessarily make a CrossFitter – so do you really need a pair of these weird-looking shoes in your kit bag? It’s totally up to you, of course, but read on to find out more about weightlifting shoes and make your own decision on whether they will be of benefit to you and your training.

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CrossFit Hands | Caring For Calluses + Healing Rips

crossfit hand callus care

If you’ve lifted weights or had to use your hands to any extent you’ll know them well: calluses. The small patches of hard skin that build up on your hands. As annoying as they are, without them our poor hands would get torn up and even more sore than they do now – building hard skin is the body’s protection response to the repeated pressure of gripping weights and hanging from bars.

Unfortunately, if the hard skin builds up too much it can hurt or worse, rip off. Rips happen fairly occasionally but when they do it tends to be in the middle of a gruelling WOD when you could really do without the pain of inconvenience of torn hands! They’re agony and the worst rips can stop you training for weeks.

Thankfully, you can look after your calluses to keep them flat and you prevent tears, and there are things you can do to look after your hands once they’ve ripped – but try to stick to the following to prevent tears as they are really no fun at all.

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7 Ways Weekend Walking is Wonderful for Wellbeing

walking for health

This blog is mainly about forms of high-intensity exercise – lots of jumping around, flinging heavy weights and moving as fast as possible – but lately I’ve gotten into something a little lower in impact: walking. Whether it’s come from being cooped up inside a car, office or gym all week, or whether it’s because I’ve turned the big 3-0 and my interests are becoming tamer, at the weekend I’m really enjoying getting out into the countryside for a leg stretch.

But is walking really all that weak, or is it actually really good for you? The more I thought about the parts that make up a good walk, the more I realised how many benefits it has. Read on to find out the 7 ways walking is wonderful for wellbeing. View Post