A Very CrossFit Christmas | Gift Guide for the Avid CrossFitter

crossfit christmas gift guide

You don’t need me to tell you that Christmas is a-coming. If you didn’t realise by simply looking at the calendar, then TV adverts and the media pretty much have you covered, with their competition over who’s Christmas ad is the best.

But what do you do if the person you’re buying a gift for’s interests are a little less mainstream? I can’t really help if their hobby is Warhammer, planespotting, or backgammon.. but I CAN help if they are into CrossFit, as so am I, and I, too, want stuff for Christmas. Read on to find out the best gifts you can buy your CrossFitting loved one this Christmas! View Post


Are Weightlifting Shoes Worth It + Are Romaleos The Best?

best weightlifting shoes

You may have already spotted me wearing my lifting shoes on Instagram or you may have even seen others at the box at the box wearing them, and wondered what exactly these shoes are for. Essentially, they create a sturdy platform in order to do dynamic Olympic lifts, and they also raise the heel, meaning you can squat lower to get underneath a heavy snatch easier.

The clothes do not make the man, though, just as the kit doesn’t necessarily make a CrossFitter – so do you really need a pair of these weird-looking shoes in your kit bag? It’s totally up to you, of course, but read on to find out more about weightlifting shoes and make your own decision on whether they will be of benefit to you and your training.

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Keeping Lycra Lovely | How To Wash Gym Clothes

How To Wash Gym Clothes

We spend a lot of time in our activewear, and we also spend a lot of money on it, too, so it makes sense that we look after it the best we can. This may not be the most exciting of subjects but if you’re finding your gymwear isn’t lasting as long as you’d like, and you’ve been washing it with your normal clothes, then this is something you need to read and put into practice.

The way I care for my sportswear comes from a combination of experience, research and also what the trainers would tell us in my last sportswear job. Here are my top tips to keep it looking its best with no saggy bums or discoloured fabrics! View Post


The Top New Activewear Trends For 2016

activewear trends 2016

Did you know Merriam-Webster have added “athleisure” to their Words To Watch for this year? So many of us are becoming more and more discerning about what we wear to the gym and out running, there’s no surprise that sportswear has become an industry in its own right. As well as the big boys there’s a growing number of activewear startups and most high-street brands have had a pop at some sort of Lycra this past year.

But what’s to come for 2016? What are the trends, which new brands are emerging, and will any high street stores will be running sportswear lines? I spoke to two of my favourite online activewear stores to hear what their thoughts were, plus took a look around at what’s available to pick out a couple of my favourite trends and pieces for the upcoming year.
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CrossFit Gym Bag Essentials

gymbag essentials

Going to the gym requires very little equipment. Just you, your clothes, some shoes (maybe some shoes tailored especially to your type of training, if you’re that way inclined), and a vessel to carry water around with you. Not even that – most modern gyms have water fountains you can stick your head under if necessary.

CrossFitters like to make things more complicated, of course. It’s never just a squat; it’s three air squats, a pull-up, ten handstand push-ups and a 400m run. It’s the same for the kit required. The longer I go to CrossFit, the heavier my gym bag becomes with completely necessary kit to enable me to complete a WOD. Read on to find out what I now consider to be my gym bag essentials. View Post