CrossFit Gym Bag Essentials

gymbag essentials

Going to the gym requires very little equipment. Just you, your clothes, some shoes (maybe some shoes tailored especially to your type of training, if you’re that way inclined), and a vessel to carry water around with you. Not even that – most modern gyms have water fountains you can stick your head under if necessary.

CrossFitters like to make things more complicated, of course. It’s never just a squat; it’s three air squats, a pull-up, ten handstand push-ups and a 400m run. It’s the same for the kit required. The longer I go to CrossFit, the heavier my gym bag becomes with completely necessary kit to enable me to complete a WOD. Read on to find out what I now consider to be my gym bag essentials. View Post


We Can All Be California Girls | Get Fit 4 Free

california girl get fit 4 free

What I would give to be a California girl – sun all year round, green juice bars on every corner, and generally a chilled-out lifestyle. The grass really does seem greener. Right now the Californian dream is very distant, especially after the dismal summer we’ve had, but luckily this autumn Sweaty Betty are giving up a glimpse into the Cali life with their new Get Fit 4 Free workout, California Girl.

The workout is in collaboration with celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, and promises to whip your body into that of a dancer – to paraphrase Simone, if you want the body of a dancer, then you dance! I took a look at the sneak peek video and gave some of the moves a go myself.

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KIT: Race For Life 2015

Stronger, braver, pinker – that’s this year’s Race For Life runners. Last year at Pretty Muddy everyone was, of course, in pink, so I decided to wear my favourite pink Nike t-shirt. Big mistake. The mud STILL hasn’t washed out, and whilst I’m proud I got coated in the brown stuff for the sake of charity, I miss my t-shirt. “Why didn’t you just buy one of the Race For Life tees?!” my mum asked, exasperated, and I really didn’t have a valid excuse, especially considering they cost all of £8. Almost all the other runners were wearing them and I felt quite left out!

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KIT: Style It Up To Win A Fitbug Orb

 photo orb1_zpsfc6804ff.jpg

A question I often get asked is which is the best fitness tracker, which is fair enough a there are so many options out there that all basically do the same thing – they’re attached to your body and measure the amount of movement you make throughout the day. Some measure calories and some use their own method of measurement, but seeing as they can’t track heart rate or activities like cycling or weightlifting this really is an approximate amount. The main purpose of a fitness tracker is to motivate you to move more throughout the day, so as long as they’re doing this it doesn’t matter whether you pay £50 or £150.

The Fitbug Orb fitness tracker fits the bill perfectly, tracking activity and sleep, plus having its own virtual coach within the Fitbug app. It also takes into account your calories in, syncing with popular apps like MyFitnessPal, and can even be set to send emails or texts with advice and motivation. It’s splashproof, can be worn on the wrist or clipped to the body, comes with a 4-month battery, and only costs £49.95!

 photo IMG_4229_zps353f6f2b.jpg

I have a pink Orb courtesy of Fitbug to give away to the creator of the snazziest fitness outfit posted on social media! Whether it’s for running, yoga, cycling, or maybe even skiing, skateboarding, walking, whatever; you can make it as a flat lay (as above) or you can be wearing it. It’s up to you! I’ll be picking the winner though and I’m sure you know by now my rather loud taste in Lycra so feel free to be as crazy and creative as you like.

Post the image onto Twitter or Instagram (or if you prefer another platform post it there, but leave a link to the post in the comments) and make sure you @ both me – @squatbot on Insta and @squatbot_ on Twitter – and @FitbugActive to be included in the giveaway.

The giveaway is running until 13th of March and is open worldwide so there’s plenty of time to get styling and snapping. I’m really excited to see what you come up with so don’t forget to tag me so I can see. Good luck!

 photo IMG_4235_zps7b46d113.jpg


KIT: New Goodies for 2015

 photo MissguidedActive10_zps10ba1d72.jpg

Even for someone who always (tries to!) look on the bright side of life, you’ve got to admit: January is pretty lousy. The Christmas comedown, no money and miserable weather – mega gales, anyone? – all add up to make it a month of moping around and generally not wanting to do much.

It’s times like these that the little things really make a difference. A nice cup of tea, a gym session that makes you feel on top of the world, and even maybe treating yourself to some new-season fit kit.. It’s for the good of your health so is practically an investment! Though that attitude may be the reason my bank balance suffers for my love of Lycra, but I digress. New kit makes you feel awesome and gets you off to sofa and out kicking ass.

This is no time to rein in my sportswear spending as there are some amazing new launches set for this month. Take a look..

 photo MissguidedActive8_zpsfdd57633.jpg
 photo MissguidedActive3_zps07600f0f.jpg
 photo MissguidedActive9_zpsfca20481.jpg

Fashion brand Missguided are launching their Active range on January 20th and it’s set to inspire and empower our workouts in 2015. They’re no strangers to Lycra, and are even credited for saving a life due to their compression fit, so they’re sure to take this expertise into their new range, too. The technical elements are yet to be seen but the line will be priced from £9-20, so it’ll be great to have some fun, reasonably-priced pieces to add cool colour and print into your fitness wear.

 photo ss2_zps36af6629.jpg
 photo ss3_zpsfa6a653f.jpg
 photo ss1_zps9d473df6.jpg

I’ve always loved the Stella McCartney premium line at Adidas, but it’s always been out of my price range somewhat. This month they’re launching Stella Sport on the 15th, and although they’ve been cagey about the full details, I believe it’s set to be Stella design at a lower price point. From the photos it looks like it’s got a retro-Adi feel with a Stella-style minimal twist. Cool.

 photo image_zps148903cc.jpg
 photo image_zps011c9403.jpg
 photo image_zps2580df81.jpg

Nike’s new Tight Collection have already dropped and the prints are absolutely incredible. I wear the Legendary tight to train in anyway as they fit so well – high-waisted with a super smooth hip line, staying up perfectly without any drawstring. Now they’re in super-amazing prints they are literally the best tights ever. The Lava print (above) is particularly covetable, though there are a few options coming out which suit different tastes too. They’re the polar opposite to Stella’s minimal colourblocks and the ideal way to stand out in a sea of black lycra at the gym.

It’s been a while since I was this excited about big brand’s launches, as lately I’ve felt the big boys have been coasting along whilst smaller brands have brought their A-game with prints and unusual silhouettes. I’m just so happy women’s activewear is getting better and better – especially seeing as we all spend so much time in it nowadays – and there’s room in the market for everyone. What’s on your fitkit wishlist this year?