How Was Your Year? Why Reflection Is Important + How To Self-Reflect

how why self reflection

How was your year? Mine was a pretty busy one! From work projects to CrossFit competitions to travelling, things have been non-stop, and honestly I haven’t had much time to reflect on my progress and assess where I was headed.

It’s so important to self-reflect, so this year I’m going to dedicate some time to it, and ensure I’m working towards my goals rather than shooting off in random directions.

Read on to find out why reflection is so important and the best techniques to use to self-reflect on your own year.

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A Very CrossFit Christmas | 2017 Gift Guide for the Avid CrossFitter

crossfit christmas gift guide

Since it’s now December 1st we can now officially start talking about Christmas – woohoo! In every store is the latest must-have toys, tech, and beauty products,just waiting to be chosen as a gift by the perfect receiver.

But what do you do if the person you’re buying a gift for’s interests are a little less mainstream? I can’t really help if their hobby is Warhammer, planespotting, or backgammon.. but I CAN help if they are into CrossFit, as so am I, and I, too, want stuff for Christmas. Read on to find out the best gifts you can buy your CrossFitting loved one this Christmas! View Post


Want To Try Indoor Ice Rock Climbing, Manchester? What It Is + How To Start

indoor ice rock climbing manchester

Ever fancied trying ice climbing? Or maybe you know nothing about it! In this post I will introduce you to the basics of ice climbing and show you how I got on at my very first session.

I’ve started trying to say yes to many more things – stuff I’d normally umm and err over, tell someone I’d get back to them about, then never bother getting back in touch. I now just say yes then figure it all out afterwards. That’s just how I came to try ice rock climbing this week!

Read on for all the info you need as a beginner ice climber PLUS watch the icy cool video I made on the GoPro Hero 6 of my session!

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How To Become A Personal Trainer | Level 2 Gym Instructor Tips

how to become a pt level 2 instructor 4

The secret is out – the past few months I’ve been working hard around my job and blog to qualify as a Level 2 Gym Instructor! It’s something I’ve wanted to do for years but was worried how I’d be able to fit the work in – but really it’s a completely manageable course as long as you’re willing to devote a couple of hours to it.

I did mine with Lifetime Training and will continue on to my Level 3 with them (I’ll cover the decision-making process for the fitness provider in another post) so I thought I’d cover the process on my blog for anyone else who’s feeling nervous about doing the course. As ever, any further questions please feel free to comment here, on my social media, or send me an email, but for now read on for my tips on becoming a Level 2 Gym Instructor.

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