How Much Ya Bench? | The Bench Press For CrossFit Athletes

bench press for crossfitters

Lynne, Linda, Roney and Justin. What do these 4 names have in common? Are they all going out on a double date? Are they the newest band on the X-Factor? Nope – they’re all benchmark CrossFit WODs which feature bench pressing.

In the year and a half I’ve been doing CrossFit, I’ve managed to avoid doing any bench pressing in WODs, and have benched maybe two or three times during the skill and strength portion of a class. But what’s the big deal? CrossFitters don’t need to bench press, do they?

Actually, benching may be more beneficial for functional athletes than you may think. I chatted to PT and powerlifter Tom Ludley about why benching is important – he also happens to be a firefighter, so knows a thing or two about real life functional fitness…

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Sweet Potato Toast | Trialling The Foodie Trends

sweet potato toast

Wow. OK, yes, that was a very long, very much unplanned hiatus. And yes, I fully intend to write a post detailing exactly what I’ve been up to these past four months (eek) as there’s been quite a lot going on, but today I tried out something I saw on the internet and for the first time in a long time I thought to myself, “I want to blog about this”. So, here we are.

Foodie trends come and go – many are ridiculous, require ingredients only sourceable from the ancient Maya (or perhaps Ocado), or just become too over-hyped, too quickly, for me to bother trying. However, I’m really trying to broaden my palate for healthy foods, so I’ve decided to begin a series where I try out the latest foodie trends.

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My First CrossFit Open | Workout 16.5

crossfit open workout 16.5

They say time is a healer, which is why women decide to have another child, or someone decides to run another marathon. “It wasn’t so bad, was it?”, they muse, as their brain busily hides away the worst bits for self-preservation reasons.

As I type this, it’s actually many, many moons from the final CrossFit Open workout, and whilst the memory has faded somewhat of the actual workout, I haven’t forgotten the fact that workout 16.5 was the worst workout I’ve ever done. I knew from the moment I heard what the workout was that we wouldn’t get along well in the slightest, but after fighting a virus through the rest of the Open, I wasn’t going to give up at the last hurdle.

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How Functional Training (+ Good Trail Shoes!) Can Get You Round A Mud Run

functional fitness

Functional training and mud runs are both big trends in the fitness world right now, but are they mutually exclusive? I recently took on the Major Series Mud Run with Blacks and whenever I wasn’t submerged in water or knee deep in mud, I was thinking how difficult obstacle courses and mud runs are to train for, not least because you don’t know what’s coming in them – it’s unlikely my washing machine could handle what it had to do after the Major Series on a weekly basis!

However, there’s something you can add into your mud run arsenal to make sure you’re prepared. Functional training can prepare your body for whatever life throws at you, whether that’s running for and jumping on a bus, or a mud run. Instead of just training one muscle group for growth and/or strength, like a bicep curl, functional training works the entire body with compound moves that improve strength, power, and mobility. This could include anything from your conventional squats and deadlifts to plyometrics like box jumps and even more technical moves like a pistol squat.

Read on to find out how my own functional training benefited me when I tackled the gruelling Major Series Mud Run.

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My First CrossFit Open | Workout 16.4

16 point 4

Last week’s aches and pains turned into full-blown flu this week, and not only did I had to have a day off work, I had a full week off CrossFit! This week’s Open workout was my first time back in the box, and boy, did I feel it. There was no way at this late stage I was going to skip a workout, though.

I’ll be posting  series of mini blog posts over the 5 weeks of the Open (just one week left now!), of which this is the fourth. Whilst these will be too late to offer any advice to anyone completing the workouts, which are released late Thursday night with scores submitted by Monday, I’ll still be able to reflect on the workout and figure out what I can learn for next time.

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