Healthy Things To Eat + Do In Dublin

healthy dublin

What do you get for the lady who has everything, and wants nothing? That was the dilemma I faced in December with my mum’s birthday looming. Luckily Ryanair’s Black Friday flight sale came at just the right time and it was decided: as a surprise we’d go for a whistlestop overnight stay in Dublin.

The city is famous for being loud, brash city, with plenty of pubs serving up Guinness by the pintload – but my mum doesn’t drink and I’m very much still in my January health kick, so we set about finding a few more healthy things to do! Thankfully, like most big cities, health and fitness is a big trend in Dublin right now, so there was plenty to do – and we still managed to treat ourselves along the way…

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Keeping Lycra Lovely | How To Wash Gym Clothes

How To Wash Gym Clothes

We spend a lot of time in our activewear, and we also spend a lot of money on it, too, so it makes sense that we look after it the best we can. This may not be the most exciting of subjects but if you’re finding your gymwear isn’t lasting as long as you’d like, and you’ve been washing it with your normal clothes, then this is something you need to read and put into practice.

The way I care for my sportswear comes from a combination of experience, research and also what the trainers would tell us in my last sportswear job. Here are my top tips to keep it looking its best with no saggy bums or discoloured fabrics! View Post


Activity Trackers 2.0 | Can I Improve My Health Using A Fitbit?

fitbit activity tracker

Activity trackers and I haven’t always gotten along. I’ve had a Jawbone, which was terrible; a Vivofit, which was good but not hugely useful at the time; and a Nike Fuelband – that was more of a toy to compete with my friends than anything else. A year and a half ago, I said myself:

“I think activity bands are good for encouraging mainly sedentary people to hit movement targets”

Having always had active jobs (from a stable yard hand to retail assistant) I never dreamed I’d be one of those sedentary people – but now, seven months into my desk job, that’s exactly what I am. Sure, I train for around an hour and a half most days, but those hours being seated day after day can decrease metabolism and have also been linked with diabetes, cancer, and premature death. Eek.

I’m starting to feel the ill affects of being sat down, from slowly putting on weight to even tighter hip flexors than before. But what can I do about it? Do I just accept that now I have a desk job I should be sedentary?

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The Top New Activewear Trends For 2016

activewear trends 2016

Did you know Merriam-Webster have added “athleisure” to their Words To Watch for this year? So many of us are becoming more and more discerning about what we wear to the gym and out running, there’s no surprise that sportswear has become an industry in its own right. As well as the big boys there’s a growing number of activewear startups and most high-street brands have had a pop at some sort of Lycra this past year.

But what’s to come for 2016? What are the trends, which new brands are emerging, and will any high street stores will be running sportswear lines? I spoke to two of my favourite online activewear stores to hear what their thoughts were, plus took a look around at what’s available to pick out a couple of my favourite trends and pieces for the upcoming year.
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Marginal Gains | How I’m Working To Get Better At CrossFit In 2016

better at crossfit

Since starting CrossFit in July, I’ve made a lot of progress and have really fallen in love with the sport. I’ve learned how to snatch and climb a rope, my clean has improved no end (too bad I still can’t clean my flat) and my mental attitude to both fitness and my own body has improved too. Now I’ve reached a point where I want to get better – to compete, maybe – but simply doing what I’ve been doing isn’t bringing me any more progress.

In a nutshell, I need to get leaner, faster, and better to be CrossFitting at the level I want to be at. It’s easy enough to say that, but how exactly am I going to go about it? By breaking my needs into different areas I can establish marginal areas I can work on, and get valuable gains that I wouldn’t have managed otherwise, had I simply attacked the bigger picture.

It goes without saying that consistency is key, which I’m going to strive for in 2016, but I’ll also be making plans to hit the following marginal goals..
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