Month: January 2014

Eddisbury Hill | A Running Route To The Top Of Cheshire

One of my favourite things about working out is that bad-ass feeling you get when you smash a PR, lift heavy, or just do something you never thought your body could do. This past Saturday’s trail run definitely achieved that feeling: I managed to run […]

My Fitness Progress & Goals | One Month In

Top: January 4th. Bottom: January 26th. I don’t see a big difference in my body, but have I achieved any non-scale, non-measurement, non-aesthetic victories in that time? Read on.. Throughout my life my health and fitness has been sporadic, at best. I was a very […]

Nuts Over This Milk | Alpro Almond Milk Review

For many, many years I was a big drinker of soya milk; as a teenager I was vegan and at that point there was less choice than there is now, then later just because I hated milk almost to the point of being scared of […]

Reebok Yoga Cloudpants Review

I’m an avid follower of Tara Stiles on Instagram. She has a fantastic lifestyle, which comes from working hard as a yoga instructor, and her health and vitality just shine through. Ain’t no Insta-filter that can provide that glow. Her lifestyle comes through sheer hard […]

On The Edge | A Running Route Around Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Near my boyfriend’s hometown is a Natural Trust forest, Alderley Edge – rather ominously nicknamed The Edge (no, not the guy from U2). It’s a maze of pathways through trees, up hills and down gorges, all ending up at a sharply jutting rock formation which […]

Women’s Unhealth | Do Magazines Encourage Us To Eat Too Little?

Now my beloved Zest magazine is no longer, I’m trying out a few alternatives to see if they can fill the lovely, positive, healthy hole Zest has left. Women’s Health seemed a good bet, with its claim to have won awards and its successful Men’s […]