Month: April 2014

OP-ED: On Yer ‘Ead, Lass

To the dismay of many a boyfriend (alright.. two. I haven’t had THAT many boyfriends) I have always held a bit of a disdain for football. It’s not the game itself I dislike, it’s everything that surrounds it: the players’ ridiculous salaries, the controversies, and […]

A Beginners’ Guide To Heaton Parkrun, Manchester

Working in retail it’s as rare as hens’ teeth to get a Saturday off work, so I took advantage of a rare opportunity this past weekend to go to my first Parkrun. I wasn’t sure what to expect – I have been to non-Parkrun park […]

Plyometrics In The Park | New Sweaty Betty + Adidas Kit!

Sweaty Betty headband / Sweaty Betty tank / Adidas leggings / Nike Lunarglide 5 The past few weeks have been totally crazy for me, at work and at university – and I have finally come down with a cold. Boo to you, body! I decided […]