RUN: National PB Day

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Saturday was National PB Day! No, not peanut butter – although that is on January 24th – but Personal Best. I ran in Parkrun as there was an opportunity to win Adidas Boosts if you beat your PB that day, but sadly it was not to be for me. I could tell before I even got there: getting out of bed was tough, I managed to put my sports bra on upside down, and I arrived at Heaton Park with just seconds to spare.

I decided to stick close to the 25 minute pacer – after all, I reminded myself, in January I would have been overjoyed to run 5K in 25 minutes. It felt like a pleasant run at a fairly steady pace, and as you can see in the picture above I’m smiling rather than my usual grimace! We hit 4K and another runner turned to the pacer and exclaimed “25 minutes?! You’re a bit ahead aren’t you?” The pacer realised his mistake and dropped back, but since I was feeling strong at that point, I decided to push on at the same pace and finished on 24:38 – 40 seconds slower than my PB.

The day’s lesson? Believe in yourself and stay positive. If I had decided when I woke up that it was a good day and I was going to go for a PB I almost certainly would have hit it. As it stands I may have cheated myself out of a pair of Boosts! Let’s hope that one of Heaton Park’s runners really went for it that day and wins the trainers. They deserve it.

Barcode scanning queue – it was certainly a busy one
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