I Hate This Yoga Posture… Here’s Why

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I’ve often read about yoga’s ability to strongly release emotions, particularly when opening the tight muscles around the hips. Although for me yoga is a great stress release and afterwards I feel thoroughly ironed out, it has never made me feel anything but relaxed, so I thought the emotion release phenomena was just not for me.

That is until I received some huge news on Friday. I’d got the interview for the dream job I’d been waiting, hoping, manifesting for over the past few months. It’s a difficult one – an hour long, with a presentation and competency-based interview – though I would expect nothing less as it’s a huge opportunity. Cue mega nervous energy on my behalf. I snapped at my partner and was antsy with other’s skipping reps in CrossFit. Good job yoga was on Saturday lunchtime to de-stress me, huh?

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I managed to rip my beloved yoga mat, so that’s a small indication of how well the class went..

Throughout my entire yoga class, all I could think was “I hate this pose”. Warrior one: “I hate this pose”. Rotated triangle: “I hate this pose”. And absolute worst of all was chair pose: “I HATE this pose!” Chair pose is not easy for me at the best of times, with tight hip flexors, achilles and shoulders, but I normally have a bit of a go. This time I humphed and made a pathetic, token attempt. I approached my teacher afterwards and told her about my problem throughout the class, being careful to explain it was nothing to do with her teaching or the class – just a big problem with my attitude!  She said I may have found class hard because of the pent-up emotions the asanas were releasing from my body.

Her reply reminded me of Liz Gilbert’s problem with the Gurugita in Eat, Pray, Love (the book; I’ve never seen the film). Liz hates having to get up in the morning to sing the Gurugita with the rest of the ashram as she finds it incredibly difficult to do, until one day she gets locked in her room and has to fight to get to sing in time. Sometimes the things you dislike doing the most because they’re difficult are the ones that are the most beneficial to you; the ones that release and cleanse feel awful when the emotion is leaving your body, but you feel much better afterwards.

As this blog post goes live I will be going into my interview, so please be sending me your most positive vibes. I totally intend to impress them with my knowledge, strategic thinking and also my personality.. but it won’t hurt to have the universe on my side, too!

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3 thoughts on “I Hate This Yoga Posture… Here’s Why”

  • I think it’s true what you say, the things we hate and are most difficult to do ARE the most beneficial…always the way right? Sending you loads of luck for your interviews! x

  • Love your honesty about the emotional release side of yoga – and when we’re least expecting it. As a yoga practitioner and a newly-certified yoga teacher, I can relate! Kudos to you for making it through the class, ripped mat and all! And, best of luck on your interview.

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