TRAIN: That Squat Bot.. Or Not

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It’s now been eight months since I started working hard on my diet and fitness, and I have seen results. My body fat percentage has dropped, I’ve gone down two dress sizes, and I’ve gained all sorts of muscle, most notably on my back. I run far and fast; I do pull-ups and handstands; I can do pretty much everything I set out to do back in January (time for new goals, yes? Yes!).

But there is one thing that still evades me. A bum. A juicy, meaty, round squat butt. Given everything I’ve achieved I’m ashamed to admit it, but I still really, really want a bigger bum – although it’s not quite as pancake-flat as it once was, I don’t think it reflects the amount of effort I put in. I am comforted by the fact that your glutes are some of the biggest muscles on your body so it does take longer to see results, but I have really seen so little progress I figured it was time to shake up my routine a little!

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The biggest problem, I feel, is that I didn’t really have a bum routine like I did for the other parts of my body. As I mentioned I have seen gains in my back muscles, largely thanks to a routine given to me by my personal trainer though I’ve never had a programme for my glutes. This realisation came at around the same time as reading about the ‘butt wink’ (not what you think!) combined with lack of gluteal activation due to sedentary lifestyles and the penny finally dropped. It was time to switch it up! Here’s my new, and hopefully improved, routine:

With 12kg kettlebell
10 goblet squats
10 swings

With 16kg kettlebell
10 sumo squats stood on 2 steps, touching kettlebell to floor
With 15kg bar
10 hip thrusters raised on step
All x 5 to warm up hips and activate glutes

On functional trainer with heel cup
10 kickbacks
10 lateral lifts each leg

x 5

Down to weights room, cycle weeks:
Week 1 squats 12×45 8×55 8×60 8×65
Week 2 deadlifts 8×45 6×65 1x4x70 1x4x75

Finish off with 10 minutes slow on the stair climber with 10kg core bag on back

Let the top image be my new ‘before’ image; not before I started working hard on my body, but before I started on my new glutes programme. I’ve already seen better flexibility in my hips and deeper squats with better form! What do you more seasoned lifters think of this routine? Check back in another few months for my progress!

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