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Working out and eating out do not often go hand-in-hand; it’s all too common to go in with the very best of intentions but become swayed by the cheesy, carby, deep-fried delights on the menu. Easier to avoid eating out altogether, right? (Right.. haha!)

But what if you could treat yourself to a meal out without the temptation, and eat a meal carefully created for your nutritional needs by a personal trainer? Cool Italian restaurant Gusto have developed a menu with newly-launched personal training studio Nxtep – situated just off the sweet main road of Knutsford, King Street – to support your body post-workout and help you stick to your eating plan, whilst also enjoying yourself.

Exercise causes your muscles to work and tear slightly; your muscles then use protein to repair and grow after working out. That’s why it’s important to refuel with protein post-workout, else your body can’t repair the muscles to the point it needs to, ultimately slowing your metabolism. The Gusto Healthy Living menu prioritises protein, with salmon, sea bass and chicken dishes, taking into account the nutrients within: omega 3 for its anti-inflammatory properties, magnesium and potassium to rebalance electrolytes after a serious sweat-fest, and vitamin B12 to help you process energy and boost your mood.

This week I got to have a nosy around the luxurious Nxtep studio whilst trying out the nutritious yet delicious Gusto goodies. Nxtep has all the mod cons – including a resistance machine I’d never seen before, with handles and pulleys, below – along with a good old squat rack and free weights, yet still manages to look like a glamorous bar. I could easily imagine the space nestling on Kensington High Street – incidentally where founder Laura cut her personal training teeth. Certainly it put my PureGym membership to shame; I don’t think I’d ever want to leave if I was a client at Nxtep!

The Healthy Living menu is available in the Knutsford, Cheadle Hulme, Alderley Edge and Didsbury restaurants – ask for the menu on its own when you sit down and you won’t even have to read the “p” word (… that being pizza).

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