LIFE: Follow Your Passion

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I discussed how important it is to practise patience and trusting the process in my blog post, Practise Off The Mat. I wrote that on the seat of my pants, not really sure if I believed what I was typing, hoping that maybe it would manifest itself more once I hit “publish”. Better things are a-coming, I said.

What I was really thinking was a little more dark. I was rejected (ahem, was “second place”) from a job which I thought was my dream, working in the head office of a very large sportswear company. I put a lot into that interview and really thought it was my path, but turned out not to be – they wanted someone more focused on the fashion market than the sports market. After thinking that response through carefully, I realised that if that were the case, it wasn’t my dream job after all.

I began working in a sports store which is well-known for piling high, selling cheap, and having unpleasant staff, just for the money. I was miserable. Utterly, utterly miserable. The customers were surprisingly nice but I didn’t fit in with my colleagues, plus I was made to stand in one place for five hours at a time, either putting things through a till or stood at the front door making sure nobody nicked stuff. I am somebody who enjoys working but honestly, I went through some dark times working there, from whether I should just walk out mid-shift (I have never even entertained that thought in ten years in the workforce) to whether I should just stay working there for the rest of my life because I wasn’t good enough for anything else.

Thankfully, though it felt like years, I only worked there for three weeks. In that time I had the most amazing opportunity presented to me: a sports store in town was in the process of transitioning from a men’s-only football store to a women’s-led running and training store. I squealed with excitement when I was phoned for an interview. At the same time, I finally finished my Bachelor’s degree with a First and was accepted into a Sports Marketing and Business Management Masters degree at UCLan.

I got the job and it is by far the best job I have ever had. I love talking to women like me who love to run and train like I do, and sharing anecdotes and tips.. I love talking to women not like me even more, learning another point of view and what drives them to workout. I also started my Masters degree last week, and whilst my brain was frazzled from information overload, I’m really excited about the prospect of learning to such a high level and proving my abilities.

So. Everything I said about trusting the process, which I might-have-maybe-perhaps not entirely believed when I wrote it – I do believe now. All the good that has come to me has come from my hard work and my passion. A further bit of wisdom I’d like to add something else after floundering around after my degree, not entirely sure what I should be doing or even what I wanted to do: if you don’t know your calling, go after your passion. Trust me. I’m proof that it works – and if it doesn’t? Well, you’ve spent your time doing something you love anyway.

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