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There are plenty of arguments out there about whether there really is an anabolic window or not but to me it’s really important to refuel with protein no more than half an hour after a heavy weights or HIIT workout. In my experience I suffer less with DOMS the next day, and I’m also less hungry in the following 24 hours – if you’ve ever experienced post-leg day hunger you’ll know what I’m talking about here!

Whether you’re a window believer or not, there’s no denying it’s important for athletes who train hard to get their protein requirement, but with most modern meals tailored Joe Public’s fat- and carb-laden tastes it can be tough to get the 1.4g/kg bodyweight needed for strength training into your system.

In steps protein powder. Most of my food is made from raw materials, rarely eating anything with more than two ingredients – but I recognise the convenience and nutritional value of protein powder, so make an exception. Previously I would just choose the cheapest option, which was frequently GNC’s own-brand whey. At 20g of protein a pop and 100 kcals, I could just about knock it back if I held my nose – though it left an artificial taste in my mouth long after I’d drained my shaker. Why did I put up with the bitter aftertaste, as someone so discerning about the rest of their diet?

Thankfully, SCI-MX came to my rescue by sending over a sample of their gamechanging whey protein, the Ultra Whey Protein*. It has a whopping 35g of protein per serving with only 177 kcals, comparable to 110g of chicken breast.. and I think we all know which is the more convenient choice when you’ve just finished up at the gym. Ultra Whey contains leucine, isoleucine and valine – three Branched Chain Amino Acids, essential for repairing torn muscles and preventing muscles from breaking down. There’s also added glutamine, which is important when consuming high levels of protein as glutamine supports your kidneys in maintaining your body’s acid-base balance.

SCI-MX have worked to make the shake taste like a true milkshake, without the added sweetness. Whilst there are still two sweeteners on the ingredients list the taste is not overwhelming like other wheys I’ve tried. In fact to me the shake tastes and smells like Easter eggs, and I look forward to it post-gym – it’s more like a treat than a supplement.

My one little bugbear is the lack of ladies on the SCI-MX website. I can only assume that this is representative of their current market, though given they’ve reached out to me, maybe they’ve realised that women train hard and need nutritional support too.

Basically, there’s a LOT of thought gone into this product from SCI-MX, and it’s perfectly tailored to supporting athletes’ bodies to be the best they can be. Now I’ve done more research into protein powders and I’m aware of things like BCAAs and glutamine I’ll be making a much more considered choice from now on – and knowing the work that has gone into Sci-MX’s Ultra Whey, it’s a product I’ll be no doubt turning to again and again.

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