TRAIN: Strength, Focus, Work

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And finally, my TRAIN shoot. Though initially I may have felt a little uncomfortable in front of the lens during YOGA, I shook it off a little in RUN, then in this shoot I really felt like I came into my own. And the shots are BADASS. I mean, I look like something out of an action movie, and I LOVE it – so empowering.

These shots are exactly what I dreamed of when the Andrew Wood team contacted me. To me, they represent strength, focus, and work. Maybe that should be my mantra in life. Strength, focus, work. Mantras often pop into my head when I’m doing something tough – whether that’s gym workouts, running, or just a hard day at work, creating a rhythm out of words can just keep you going through that last set or mile. In fact yesterday it was my birthday and I sat in all day finishing an assignment, and when I hit a bit of a low point, wondering why I was bothering, I asked myself “Sports Direct or Masters degree..?” to which I firmly answered “Masters”. I think that “Sports Direct or Masters” will now be my little mental nudge in the right direction whenever I’m wanting to go with what I want in the moment, rather than what I want in the long-term.

I think I’ve digressed, as per usual, so I’ll leave you to look at this last set of photos. Have I told you that they’re my favourites? I’ll look back on these with pride as long as I live!

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I’m wearing: Sweaty Betty bra/Nike G87 tank/Nike Legendary tights/Nike TR Fit trainers/Kettle bell, skipping rope & dumbbells kindly lent to me by my work!

This is the last post I’m going to go on about my giveaway, but you still have up until 24th November to send your emails. For the full information have a read of the YOGA post.

All you need to do to win a photoshoot is drop me an email at squatbot @ live.co.uk and a winner will be picked at random from the emails received.

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