RUN: November Update

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Chris and I ran up an enormous hill in Delamere Forest.. with just one brief walk!

Back at the start of November I set myself some running goals for the month, so now we’re into December I thought I’d check back in to let you know how I got on…

After a slow start to the month I didn’t end up running the 100km I wanted to. I only ran twice in the first two weeks – a 7km and the Run in the Dark 10km – due to three Masters hand-ins clustered around the 13th (my birthday!). I did manage 70km for November which I’m still pretty happy with, especially considering the majority of the distance was run in just over two weeks. I’ve done more spinning sessions this month, at my own gym and also a class at BOOM Cycle which is great HIIT work, though I’ll be adding in some variation with Insanity-style classes and CrossFit.

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It was my birthday! My mum got me this card, which I relate to highly.

Forefoot striking came a lot more naturally to me than I thought it would. I decided to do it in November and didn’t really have any issues transitioning, though at first I took the “forefoot running” too literally and my calves took the brunt – now I’m landing mid-forefoot and letting my whole foot touch the ground and it’s a lot more comfortable. I had a bit of a knee niggle but that didn’t last for long, especially not after I started taking turmeric tablets, so I think I’ve achieved my aim of staying injury-free! I’ve also made progress with my hips and pelvis, though I haven’t stuck to doing my physio exercises every day. I have an appointment this evening so I’m sure I’ll get told off about that. Rest is something I still need to work on; I feel like I’ve been going through life at a hundred miles an hour lately so I need to learn how to better take down-time.

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We kicked off the Nike+ Run Club Manchester – it’s on Thursday nights and Sunday mornings if you’re local.

So, that’s November over with: how about December’s goals? I’ve been thinking about my nutrition a lot; for a while I was just eating whatever I wanted – very carb-heavy – and I noticed I’d started to lose definition. I know it’s not everything but I’d really like to maintain muscle density whilst marathon training, so I had a chat with PT Denton who reassured me that whilst it’s difficult, it’s not impossible, and advised me to aim for a 40% carbohydrate/40% protein/20% fat split. I’m back on MyFitnessPal so I’m aiming to login every day and track my macros more carefully. If you’d like to keep me accountable (or nosey at what I eat) my username on there is squatbot.

I’m doing Advent Running this month, which is a runstreak of 25 days – from December 1st to Christmas Day – running at least 30 minutes each day. Yes, that includes Christmas Day! My goal is simply to complete the whole 25 days and to stay injury-free throughout. It’s already been tough and I’m only on day 4. Dark nights, extremely cold weather and busy schedule are getting in the way, but I’m doing it, which already proves to me that if you make room for something then there’s always time. You can keep up with the challenge (and join in yourself) by checking out the hashtag #runforsprouts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. And if you happen to notice the absence of my posts.. give me a nudge! I might just need that extra motivation to get off the sofa.

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