TRAIN: Voga Beets the Blues

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Fitness events in London always look so awesome, but I find it hard to justify a five-hour round trip – can you blame me when it costs more than my weekly food bill? I made a bit of a spur of the moment decision this week, though, when I heard about the Love Beets launch at the grand London Edition hotel. On offer was all the beetroot juice I could manage, juices made from Love Beets with added extras like ginger and kale, plus a super sassy Voga session from its creator Juliet, which I’d wanted to try out for ages. It was too tempting not to at least check out trains and I was delighted to find Virgin have reduced prices – so I booked in and away I went.

Love Beets is pure beetroot juice with only a touch of lemon juice added (I was careful to look and quizzed the Love Beets guys about it – I hate added hidden extras) so you get the benefit of three beets by drinking a small bottle of the juice. I love the taste of beetroot anyway and if there’s a juice option available with them in I’ll always plump for that one. Somehow they always taste like they’re nourishing me! The effect isn’t immediate, of course, but beetroot has been proven to increase blood and oxygen flow around the body, protect the stomach lining to prevent ulcers, reduce blood pressure and prevent fatty build-up in the liver. Remember though, the fibre’s removed because of the juicing process, so it’s important to still eat portions of fruit and vegetables for all-round balance and health.

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Incredibly, a study from the University of Exeter showed that beetroot juice boosts stamina and can help you exercise for up to 16% longer. Exercise is less tiring due to the nitrates present in beetroot, which reduce the amount of oxygen required for exercise. This is why you’ll see it recommended as an endurance activity pre-workout, and it’s something I can personally vouch for – after a lunchtime 1Rebel spinning class, drinking a beetroot juice and Voga, I then went onto the Lexie Sport Train About Town session and absolutely powered through it like I was fresh out of the stable (Yep, took advantage of as many London fitness offerings as I could in one day!).

I think I must have really gotten in the zone doing Voga, because although I felt like somewhat ungainly I actually look like I’m working it hard in the photos! It was a good giggle with a lovely bunch of girls and the soundtrack was absolutely immense, so I recommend if you get a chance to try it out.

FYI you can now pick up Love Beets in Holland & Barrett, along with some branches of ASDA and Tesco Local. Try it before your next training session and let me know how you get on!

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Awkward moment when I sat on fitness blogging megastar Faya‘s foot whilst it was on a sharp bit of the stage. Thankfully she was lovely about it, but definitely a case of clumsy lump strikes again..!

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