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It’s 6am, it’s absolutely chucking it down, yet I’m still dragging myself out of bed and out of the flat. Both my body and my mind are confused as to why we’re out of the house at this time and in this weather; there’s something inside that’s thinking we’re a little crazy to be doing this, but the promise of chilled yoga and a tasty breakfast keeps me going…

I’m on my way to PKBreathe at Pot Kettle Black, an early morning yoga session in a coffee shop at the heart of the city. I like to think myself quite the Manchester coffee connoisseur but I hadn’t heard of PKB before yoga teacher Sarah got in touch – it’s a cosy, quirky spot in Barton Arcade, just off St. Ann’s Square, which runs a variety of classes, quizzes, and live music nights. It’s on my way to work so a 7am yoga session followed by a choice of porridge, granola or toast with tea or coffee fits into my schedule easily. Although it’s inside an arcade the coffee shop is surrounded by glass, and Manchester gradually wake up around us as we rolled out our mats and began with breathing exercises.

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After a few sun salutations we moved onto inversions and heart-opening postures. I’m used to more of a flow-style yoga so moving simply from one pose to another felt a little awkward at first, but it turned out to be the best plan of action. We’d stay in the postures for quite a few breaths to really get the blood flowing around the body, and the overall effect was incredibly rejuvenating. This was ideal at that time of morning; after our final savasana I felt refreshed, awake, and ready to face the day.

And, of course, totally ready for breakfast. This was my favourite part, not least because my porridge and coffee were tasty (the granola looked great too, that for me next time I think), but also because all us yogis sat around a big table and had a chat as we ate. I love to meet new people but fitness and yoga classes aren’t the most ideal, as everyone always rushes straight off to whatever’s next on their list, but because it was still early we had the luxury to relax and spend some time together before heading off to work.

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A few days earlier I’d met with my friend Chyaz, who works from home in the health and beauty industry, and we spoke of how lonely it can be working alone, being a blogger, or being self-employed. There’s a lot of events and meet-ups now but it really made me think about the importance of connecting with others without pressure to blog or Tweet about what’s going on, and just share ideas or just chat idly. It may be an early start (especially for those who organise their own day..!) but I do think the PKB morning yoga session would be the perfect time for us all to meet and connect; a gentle yoga session followed by breakfast and a chat; a bit of a Breakfast Club, if you like. Then we can all go away knowing we’ve had meaningful interactions with another human, even if you don’t speak to anyone else for the rest of the day! So if you’re a health, fitness, or wellness professional or blogger, self-employed or not – or maybe you don’t fit any of those categories but just love yoga, food and meeting people – reach out! You can comment on this post, Tweet me or email me, and once we have enough interest I’ll be in touch with the first date we can all meet up.

Until then, PKB run their yoga and breakfast PKBreathe sessions on Wednesday, with PKBlast, a high-intensity training circuit plus breakfast, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, all starting at 7am. It’s £12 for the training sessions, breakfast, and an ongoing sense of wellbeing for the rest of the day!

5 thoughts on “YOGA: Breakfast Club”

  • I’m definitely going to check this out! I’m used to pose changes at the moment as I’m still in a beginner class, we do some flow movements but mainly posture practice 🙂 I’m away next week, but I’d definitely be up for it the week after 🙂

  • I’m definitely up for this too.. It will be a great way to wind down after my night shift and go to bed feeling good with a satisfied tummy 🙂

  • this sounds amazing, my boyfriend lives in manchester and i will inevitably be moving up there myself sometime in the near future so would be amazing to go to something like this to help me get used to my future home & meet some fitness people! x

    • Ooh how exciting! The PKB yoga teacher is away at the moment (teaching in the sun, how lucky) but I am sure there will be lots of fitness things we can do when you do move here, so give me a shout! X

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