Month: April 2015

Beach Body Ready?

Beach Body Ready?

Yesterday I was in London, and it was difficult to miss the bright yellow adverts from Protein World around the city. I was so busy concentrating on getting the right tube they disappeared into the rest of the advertising clutter for me, so it wasn’t […]

LIFE: Get SMART About Goals

Setting tough but achievable goals is really important to me: it keeps me motivated to move forward and gives me a massive sense of achievement when they’re completed. However, after a goal has been hit – especially a big one, say, a marathon! – it […]

I Am A Marathoner! | Manchester Marathon 2016

I Am A Marathoner! | Manchester Marathon 2016

It’s not even sunk in yet that yesterday I ran 26.2 miles. Even as I was running, I found I had to keep reminding myself that this was it, you’re running a marathon, this is what you’ve been training for over the past few months! […]

EAT: Fuelling My Marathon

As well as training my legs, heart and mindset for the upcoming Manchester marathon, I’ve also been training my muscles to hold more energy and figuring out what’s best for me to eat whilst on long runs. My marathon is now four days away (ARGH! […]

KIT: Race For Life 2015

Check out the 2015 Race For Life kit in action, then sign up for your own race! Cancer, we’re coming to get you.