KIT: Race For Life 2015

Stronger, braver, pinker – that’s this year’s Race For Life runners. Last year at Pretty Muddy everyone was, of course, in pink, so I decided to wear my favourite pink Nike t-shirt. Big mistake. The mud STILL hasn’t washed out, and whilst I’m proud I got coated in the brown stuff for the sake of charity, I miss my t-shirt. “Why didn’t you just buy one of the Race For Life tees?!” my mum asked, exasperated, and I really didn’t have a valid excuse, especially considering they cost all of £8. Almost all the other runners were wearing them and I felt quite left out!

Thankfully this year I’m fully kitted out – as part of my Race For Life blogger responsibilities, I’ve had to test-drive some of the RFL kit available to runners this year. Honestly, it was hardly a nuisance: all the kit I have is super comfy and soft, and has thrived whilst I played outside, jumping on tyres and sprinting down the street. Everything is cotton so it’s not sweat-wicking, but it’s all lightweight so I don’t anticipate sweating in it too much anyway. I do recommend you size down on the leggings as they’ve very stretchy without a drawstring; also for comparison’s sake I’m wearing a size small in the t-shirt, so you can see they’re oversized without being too baggy and cumbersome. I’m looking forward to rocking my full kit come my 10K Race For Life.

Everything on the Race For Life shop is SO reasonably priced, and they’ve thought of everything – even car seat covers and branded wet wipes for post-Pretty Muddy! My favourite has to be the temporary tattoos, one of which I’m wearing below. I remember having pretty bad experiences with these as a kid – excitedly ripping them from bubblegum packets, finding they didn’t apply properly.. then the agony of picking them off your arm hair! These seem pretty fool-proof though and apparently you can just remove them with a slathering of baby oil. Wish I’d known that aged nine.

If you’ve not signed up for a Race For Life event already remember you can use code RFLSQUAT for £2 off entry – and that extra bit of cash will afford you some very essential glitter pom-poms. Winner!

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 photo IMG_1998_zpspkii9iyx.jpg
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T-shirt, leggings & socks all Race For Life* / Nike Free 5.0 / Samsung Gear S watch*

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