Trying Out Trek Bars | Flavoured Protein Flapjacks Review

You’d have to have been living under a rock to not have heard of Natural Balance Foods. Along with the wellness revolution, over the past couple of years Trek and Nakd bars have boomed in popularity with those seeking a sweet yet healthy snack – in fact, when I met the guys behind Natural Balance at Be:Fit (How good is his t-shirt? They should sell them!) I was told that for years they got away with putting Nakd bars in their kids’ lunchboxes, duping them into thinking it was chocolate!

To be honest, with goodies this tasty there’s really no need for sugary snacks. My favourites have to be Trek bars, so I was lucky that Natural Balance kindly sent me a box of mixed protein flapjacks* so I could try the full range. They were originally made as a snack for those out trekking to stick into their pockets, so they’re well-balanced with oats as a slow-released carbohydrate and 9-10g of protein each. This combination is very filling: when I work 11:30-8:30 I’ll typically have a bar just before my shift with a coffee and this keeps me going until my lunch at 3pm. The bars are naturally sweetened with dates and some have a dark chocolate coating, making them perfect for an evening snack also, quietening those late-night munchies.

Cocoa Coconut has been a longstanding favourite of mine – mixing chocolate and coconut is always going to be a winner – but the mixed box gave me an opportunity to try out the different flavours. I had to act fast as my boyfriend was eyeing them up, too. My second favourite was Oat Raisin, which was simply hearty, and Chris’s favourite was Banana Bread. In fact, we both really enjoyed all of the flavours, and it took us less than a week to demolish a box of sixteen bars. Whoops. Greedy, perhaps, but I was safe in the knowledge that as well as treating myself, I was nourishing myself with wholesome ingredients, too.

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