LIFE: Be:Fit London 2015

be fit london 2015

Be:Fit London is a yearly fitness festival which is focused on giving women everything they need for a healthy and happy lifestyle, be it workouts, food, or supplements. I missed out on a trip to Be:Fit last year due to work commitments so I was sure to book the day off this time, and I was so glad I did; early Saturday morning I made my way to London, worried that the train I’d booked home was quite late, but I arrived just after it opened at 10am and left as it was closing! There was certainly no need to worry about being stuck for things to do. I met so many awesome people, including blog friends Cantara from Gymbags & Gladrags and Natalie Johanna – plus found some new blogs to follow – and I got to try out too many different foods, workouts, and fitness gadgets than I could possibly write about, or even remember.

It was fab to see my friend Deb there, as enthusiastic as ever about her sportswear brand Zaazee, hailing from Manchester. I love how soft and flattering this stuff is, and once I tried a full ZZ kit on I had to get inverted in the aisles to prove the tops didn’t ride up, much to the bemusement of passers-by! In fact there was quite a Manchester contingent at the show – Kaizen Living were showing off their superfood powders and Mello Melon Juice gave out samples of their melon juices. Being a watermelon fan anyway I was easily converted to the juice and picked up a couple of bottles for the train home.

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As well as all the retail stands there were classes in the Reebok studio, of which I took two: Louise Hazel’s Podium Effect and Carly Newson’s Gorgeous Glutes. I’ve trained with Carly before and she is an out-and-out asskicker who doesn’t believe in rests, so my legs were well and truly worked after the combination of squats, lunges, jumps, and froggers. The Podium Effect wasn’t really for me – I’d be seriously surprised if Olympian Louise really does train like that – but I still got a sweat on and it’s always good to try something new.

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Being highly competitive, I had to have a go at the challenges dotted around the festival, too. I was first of the day to do the Reebok Spartan challenge, which was 10 burpees, 10 squats with a 20lb pancake, then the same for 5 reps, for time. I did it in 1:01 – the previous day’s best was 1:10! – but then the girl straight after me did it for dead on a minute. I don’t know the best time of the day but I sure hope she got it. Then it was Bella Kinesis’s plank challenge, which I foolishly took on right at the end of the day. I managed a measly 2:02 but in my defense I was absolutely shattered – nowhere near the 7 minute winner.

Overall I had a brilliant day out – I met some fantastic people, discovered new brands and had a go at different workouts. I can’t wait until next year to make the trip again!

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