The Color Run, Manchester

color run manchester

Running around a stadium on a hot, sweaty day with thousands of other people may not be everybody’s idea of fun. Add in loud music, lashings of paint and oodles of silliness and it suddenly becomes a lot more appealing!

If you’ve never done a Color Run before, that’s exactly what you’re missing out on. As you run through coloured stations volunteers throw powder at you so that when you finish you’re coated top-to-toe in intense, vibrant colour. It’s open to all and as an untimed run it’s many runners first experience of completing a full 5K. My pal Tomika and I ran Manchester’s Color Run this past Sunday and managed to get around without getting a speck of paint on us… Or did we?

Naaaaahhh. Definitely not!

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This year’s sponsors are Original Source, who brought intensity to all the runners with their citrus-themed yellow paint station. The sports marketing geek in me is coming out now, but I think this partnership works really well from a brand fit perspective, and the sponsorship activation is perfect. It was almost like having a tingly Original Source shower (if you’ve used their tea tree and mint you’ll know what I mean). From a less-geeky point of view: OOOH PRETTY COLOURS! Sadly the yellow paint is the least saturated, but as you pass through the colour stations they seem to get more vibrant with my favourite being the pink. Of course I had to have a lay down in it to get as much on me as possible..

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I’d done a Color Run before, two years ago, though I did it alone. I enjoyed myself but it’s hard to really get into it when you’re on your own, so this time I asked my friend Tomika to come along; I’d only met her a few weeks ago, but I had a feeling she would really love doing The Color Run. I wasn’t wrong – she was the perfect partner, happily rolling in the colour stations together to ensure we were completely covered in paint. We stuck around for the rave afterwards and had lots of sober fun bouncing around and getting covered in more paint.

Crazy to think that when I last did a Color Run I was training for two months beforehand just to get round, and now 5K is my warm-up. It just goes to show what happens when you get bitten by the running bug – I imagine lots of others trained for the run on Sunday.. Color Run this year for them, marathon next?!

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Well, Original Source definitely brought me intensity – I don’t think we could have possibly gotten more covered in paint, though rest assured I tried. Next time I’d like to take even MORE pals along. The Color Run create an awesome environment and atmosphere, but it’s definitely you and your mates that make the fun!

The guys at Original Source, who kindly provided mine and Tomika’s race entries, are giving away a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Australia to run The Color Run in Sydney. Check out their Facebook page for more information!

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