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Honestly, when I was invited to go workout with Jessie Pavelka, I didn’t know who he was. A HIIT class and the promise of a healthy buffet is more than enough to get me somewhere. Things started to get a bit more real when I told my friend Laura what I was up to: “Have you SEEN A Year to Save My Life?!”

Erm. No. I hadn’t, actually. Maybe I should get out more. Or should that be stay in..?

It was only fair that I got Laura involved, so one evening after work we went to the incredible Carden Park near Chester to go train with Jessie.

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Okay. So. You know when you see someone, and you immediately know they’re a famous person? They just give off a charismatic vibe that seems larger than life. Like I said, I didn’t even really know who Jessie was, but walking up to his HIIT class – which was in full swing by the time we arrived – I could pinpoint who he was straight away. I could also see why the class was full of ladies!

They weren’t just there to ogle, though. Sure, he’s a great-looking guy, but he also has vast experience of changing people’s lives completely. You don’t stick with Jessie for six weeks then you’re sent on your merry way to fend for yourself. He’s in it for the long haul to enable you to completely change your lifestyle, if that’s what’s needed.

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I’m wearing some sample Myprotein leggings – what do you think? Feedback appreciated!

Jessie believes in mindset, and also relying on the support around you. The class was big, and the ladies in the class seemed to all know each other from previous Pavelka meetings, despite being of varying abilities – I spotted one girl in a Tough Mudder finisher’s t-shirt, with others recovering from injuries, being given alternate exercises by Jessie. The workout was difficult, but not impossible, and it was just long enough to make a difference without being daunting.

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I think he’s addressed one of the bigger issues for those looking at starting their first exercise plan, or maybe coming back from a break: the all-or-nothing attitude. If you’re not running for a full hour or doing back-to-back classes you feel like you’re not doing anything, when in reality that isn’t true at all. It’s so much better to do things consistently, even if it’s just 20-30 minutes a day to start off with, rather than setting yourself unrealistic targets that you can’t stick to in the long run.

I’m guilty of doing this myself, so even as a seasoned exerciser, I still learned something from Jessie’s class!

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Hello Deb – aka Mrs Zaazee – always nice to see you!

I tried not to go down this route too much, but there’s no denying he’s a good-looking guy, which can’t harm the rate at which people stick to his programme. For those interested in what exactly Jessie eats to keep himself healthy and fit, then enjoy this candid snap I grabbed of him during the buffet! I think my plate was twice as full as this, but there again he did mention eating around six meals a day – another thing I could learn from him, as I tend to eat three big meals that make me sluggish after eating.

Jessie is back in the US right now, but you can join the Health Revolution and also catch him at his next round of events in the UK.

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  • That must have been a cool event! I used to watch that show and also the other similar one (Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition with Chris Powell). The thing that always struck me (although ofc it could be constructed for the cameras) is that they seemed like such supportive trainers. Was always curious as to how much people kept with it after the year though!

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