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california girl get fit 4 free

What I would give to be a California girl – sun all year round, green juice bars on every corner, and generally a chilled-out lifestyle. The grass really does seem greener. Right now the Californian dream is very distant, especially after the dismal summer we’ve had, but luckily this autumn Sweaty Betty are giving up a glimpse into the Cali life with their new Get Fit 4 Free workout, California Girl.

The workout is in collaboration with celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, and promises to whip your body into that of a dancer – to paraphrase Simone, if you want the body of a dancer, then you dance! I took a look at the sneak peek video and gave some of the moves a go myself.

california girl get fit 4 free
I’m wearing: California Girl tank* & Lateral Run leggings, Sweaty Betty. Pro Classic bra & Flyknit Lunars, Nike.

I’m not graceful. Never have been, it’s unlikely I ever will be, and combined with my lack of flexibility I just look like a lump when I try to dance. It’s something I’ve come to accept, which is why my methods of fitness are things I can just fling my entire bodyweight at without worrying about how I look.

Dancing, however, is not like that, especially not Simone’s style. She was a ballet and theatrical dancer for 18 years, and still concentrates on form heavily with her clients, of which include Reese Witherspoon and Sandra Bullock. It’s probably for the best that the California Girl workout will be available online as well as live in Sweaty Betty stores, as it’ll give me chance to work on my form before the general public is subjected to my clumsy style!

california girl get fit 4 free

Oh man, I hope that image above doesn’t get found on Google Images and taken out of context – maybe I should have watermarked IRONY over it. You guys have got my back, right? Simone’s quote there is true, though. If you want the body of a dancer, a heptathlete, long-distance runner, or even BeyoncĂ©, you must train, eat, and live like them. There’s no shortcut. Simone’s workout should go some way to show how dancers train: Simone never stops moving during her training sessions, and takes us through her high-rep sequence for glutes, explosive movements for legs, movements to fatigue with 1.5kg weights for arms, and ab exercises performed with military precision.

Maybe I’ll just stick to the stretching bits for now, and practice my moves, poise, and flexibilty at home to Simone’s video, preparing to wow the world with my dance performance!

california girl get fit 4 free

The Body By Simone California Girl workout will be available on sweatybetty.com and in Sweaty Betty stores from the 8th September. I hope you’re more naturally graceful than me, but even if you’re not, you’ll have a blast doing Simone’s mixture of explosive and controlled movements.

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