Les Mills ONE Live Manchester | Or… What Not To Do On A Hangover

one live manchester

Hey, you know what’s not a great thing to do the night before going to do an entire day full of Les Mills classes? Buy two bottles of wine between three of you, then drink the majority of it yourself. Ouch.

Yeah, I spoiled something I had really been looking forward to by giving myself a rotten wineover. I had an absolute ball at the last ONE Live I went to in London, so when I heard that Manchester was confirmed I got myself Pump-ed and prepared for a day full of Les Mills classes.

I had a bit of a revelation on Saturday, though, when I realised why I loved ONE Live so much, and maybe my wineover fit with the revelation more than I previously thought it would..

one live manchester

I was a nu-raver, and (mis)spent a fair bit of my youth at the Warehouse Project, Sankeys, and the Paradise Factory, and I suddenly realised – whilst nearly Roundhouse-kicking someone in the face during BodyCombat – that I loved ONE Live so much because it was just like a big, better-organised rave. I would have said sober there, in normal circumstances, but my delicate nature on Saturday meant that my head was still slightly woozy. Still, I’m not one to waste an exercising opportunity, and I’ve said before that Les Mills classes were what got me into fitness, so I still gave it 100% – alright, alright, maybe more like 80%.

As well as being in an awesome rave-like atmosphere with hundreds of other Les Mills lovers, one of the main reasons it’s so cool going to ONE Live is that you get to do the newest releases before anyone else, led by world-renowned instructors. First up for us was the new BodyPump – I decided to go chill with my weights this time and I’m glad I did, because the squat track is tough. There’s a heavy legs-focus in the entire class, actually, with lots of thrusters in the shoulder track, and squats in the lunge track. I’ll leave that as a warning, though, and let you find out for yourself!

one live manchester

BodyCombat was next, with its usual high-energy jabs and hooks. There’s a cool mixed martial arts one in this release, with the Muay Thai track being my favourite. Long-time Les Mills lover Deb adored Combat as usual and I’d taken along my friend Laura, who’d never done a Les Mills class before. It was during this class she fell in love with the whole experience and even went on to do BodyJam, Sh’Bam, and BodyBalance! Phew.

one live manchester

Despite sweating out most of my hangover in Combat and feeling a lot better after a bottle of full-fat Coke and crisps, I made BodyJam my last class of the day. Mentally this one was really tough – I don’t think I’ll ever have the coordination to be a dancer. I barely have the coordination to wear a pair of socks! It was a great laugh though and really rewarding when you actually got a sequence right. Check out Laura and I giving it beans in the video below.. Then me totally forgetting what was next after the instructor calls out “STOMP”! Doh.

Seeing as my Manchester suggestion came to reality after my last ONE Live report, I’ll make another, that I feel will fit with the rave-theme of this post: can we have a ONE Live Ibiza, please, Les Mills? That’s the only way to top London and Manchester for me..!

one live manchester

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  • This looked so good! My friend travelled up with a lot of her gym buddies for it, and her pictures look like everyone had a great time. I have to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Les Mills class, though they look fab.

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