My First CrossFit Open | Workout 16.2

16 point 2

This weekend, along with the rest of the CrossFit community, I completed the second workout of the Open – 16.2. Whilst it’s unlikely I’ll be reaching the CrossFit Games (at least.. this year) I’m still loving being a part of this supportive community. I mean, how many other sports do you see where opponents are so supportive of each other?

I’ll be posting  series of mini blog posts over the 5 weeks of the Open. Whilst these will be too late to offer any advice to anyone completing the workouts (workouts are released late Thursday night and scores need to be submitted by Monday – your best bet is to follow elite CFers on Instagram to see what they have to say about strategy) I’ll still be able to reflect on the workout. What did I learn from 16.2, and how did I get on?

16 point 2

16.2: The workout

25 toes to bar25 hanging leg raises
50 double unders50 single skips
15 squat cleans*15 squat cleans*
4 min AMRAP + bonus time4 min AMRAP + bonus time
Time extends 4 mins each time a round is completed to 20 min maxTime extends 4 mins each time a round is completed to 20 min max
* Reps decrease each round, weight increases* Reps decrease each round, weight increases

16 point 2

My 16.2 score

Score was the total amount of reps completed – I scored 344 scaled.

How did I find 16.2?

After my grim time during 16.1, I fully expected this workout to feel as bad, too. Though it was tough I actually really enjoyed myself and achieved a couple of things I thought I wouldn’t – firstly, I got the rhythm of kipping the knee raises as opposed to doing them strict. I now feel more confident about the possibility of stringing toes-to-bar together rather than being able to just do singles.

Secondly, I managed to get four rounds in – way further than I thought I would – and ended up doing 5 reps at heavier than my previous squat clean 1RM!

Finally, there was a dog in the box, which is always fun.

16 point 2

What did I learn from 16.2?

You’ll be glad to hear that I spent a good 15 minutes warming up for this WOD, which came from my learnings after last week. This week was a reminder that gymnastics are my biggest weak spot in CrossFit, but once you get the hang of them they become much simpler. I also learned that I’m stronger than I thought I was, and sometimes you have to just have a go at things to find out what you’re really capable of!

On a slightly sour note, I did rip my hands. Before I left for the gym I noticed that my calluses needed filing down but I didn’t bother doing them – so it was an accident waiting to happen, really.

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