My First CrossFit Open | Workout 16.3


Aaand we’re halfway through! Five weeks seemed like a long time but it’s absolutely flying by. I want to do these workouts every week! This week though I wasn’t feeling too great on Saturday, so didn’t get to complete the workout with the full squad as usual. I did do it with one of my boxmates though (who smashed his way through it) and had some supportive spectators so I can’t complain too much.

I’ll be posting  series of mini blog posts over the 5 weeks of the Open, of which this is the third. Whilst these will be too late to offer any advice to anyone completing the workouts (workouts are released late Thursday night and scores need to be submitted by Monday) I’ll still be able to reflect on the workout and figure out what I can learn for next time.

16.3: The workout

10 power snatches (35kg M/25kg F)10 power snatches (20kg M/15kg F)
3 bar muscle-ups5 jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups
7 minute AMRAP7 minute AMRAP

My 16.3 score

Score was the number of reps completed – I scored 10 reps RX.


How did I find 16.3?

It’s not really fair for me to do any sort of analysis for this workout. If I’d have been feeling 100% I’d have done the workout scaled and attempted to get through as many rounds as I could. Though scaled is considered ‘easier’ I still could have gotten a good idea what was tough and which parts I was good at.

However, since I felt crap (sore throat, achy joints, just generally feeling rubbish) I just did 10 snatches then faffed about on the bar practicing muscle-ups for the rest of the time. I didn’t get anywhere close but I did hit a few chest-to-bar pull-ups, which I never have before, so I’ll take that!

What did I learn from 16.3?

Listen to your body and be kind to yourself when you need to be. I was glad I did as little as I could – at the end of the day it’s not like I’m fighting to go to the CrossFit Games, so it wasn’t worth risking my health for. I’m glad I’ve got a score on the board and I at least attempted a muscle-up. To be fair I was ready to pack it in after the snatches but the people around encouraged me to at least give it a go.

Plus, the snatches felt good – my judge said they were the best power snatches he’d ever seen, though I think he was just trying to make a sickly girl feel better.

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