4 Fit Foodie Finds From The Manchester Makers Market

fit food manchester makers market

Scrolling through Instagram one Saturday afternoon, I chanced upon the most incredible photo of half a watermelon, stuffed with juicy chunks of watermelon, berries and grapes. Watermelon is on a list of my very favourite foods ever, so I was super psyched to find out it was actually from the Makers’ Market in Manchester city centre!

Honestly, I thought the Makers’ Market was just people selling homemade badges and scarves, so when I arrived and found all sorts of food I was so happy. I could’ve eaten everything. If you want the best of homemade fare it’s definitely worth the trip – with this being a fitness blog I’ve focused on the slightly healthier options, but you could pick up artisan pies, exquisite chocolate, and craft beers if you wished.

This isn’t an ad or in any way associated with the Makers’ Market… I just really love food and supporting small businesses! Read on to find out my fit foodie finds from the Manchester Makers’ Market and let me know whether I’ve missed anything from the food markets around Manchester.

fit food manchester makers market

First up, the ones that drew me to the market in the first place: the Twisted Melon Men. A typically Mancunian name, a not-so-typically Mancunian fare – these guys simply serve freshly chopped fruit served aesthetically inside a hollowed-out watermelon half. You can also get something similar inside a pineapple, along with freshly squeezed orange juice.

If we’re talking fitness, then watermelon is ideal straight after a workout to quickly rehydrate and spike the insulin levels to potentially build muscle. Get to the straight after your morning workout to grab the freshest fruit – ours was a little warm from being sat out in the sun, but was still a great eat.

fit food manchester makers market

Beef jerky is one of my favourite snacks, especially the stuff that doesn’t have any added sugars or other nasties. It’s mainly protein, so helps top up your body’s building blocks, and makes you feel fuller for longer. Admittedly it’s an acquired taste – my boyfriend hates it! – but I can’t get enough.

Weston Biltong say biltong is like jerky but better, is family-made, and they have 14 flavours of the stuff (and welcome ideas for more!). Their ingredients are clearly listed on the packet but are simply beef and natural flavours like salt, pepper and coriander.

manchester makers market

Homemade energy balls are pretty ubiquitous in health food shops nowadays, but I actually spotted these in the middle of a load of cakes and stuffed bread. Pretty positive that a bakery stall is selling them too, along with some vegan bakes! Annoyingly I don’t remember the stall names, but don’t forget to scan through the stalls to check you’ve not missed anything tasty yet healthy.

manchester makers market

And finally – no fit food post would be complete without coffee. Coffee before a workout for energy, coffee post-workout to aid muscle refuelling (you need carbs for that too, like a cake, maybe), coffee just chilling on rest day. I tried out Kickback Coffee Roasting Co, who home-roast a different coffee each month, with different grind selections depending on how you make your coffee for both a pre-workout buzz and a smooth taste!

It seems that each time at the Makers’ Market there are different makers, so I’ll be going down to the next one to see what else I can eat. They’re in Spinningfields every third weekend of the month, and ten other locations throughout the month – click here for the full listing. See you there!

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