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warrior face england rugby camp

Hey, girl – heard you were into tough fitness! Wanna come get tough with me at an England Rugby Warrior Camp?

Rugby is the ultimate tough team sport, and an amazing opportunity to see just how functional your fitness is – and now’s your chance to try it out with England Rugby, for free.

I’ve signed up for the Garstang Camp on 24th August, and I’d love it if you could join me – if you can’t make that Camp, then there are loads more across the country over the next few weeks. Read on to find out why you should try this sport out and how you can release your own Inner Warrior!

warrior face england rugby camp

You like my #InnerWarrior face? That’s the face of a girl who’s ready to hit the rugby field and see what it’s all about. My team sport experience is limited to school, where we played netball, hockey, and rounders, so I’m excited to give rugby a try especially as I feel it’s something I’ll be good at – I’ve got the explosive speed, agility and the strength to put behind tackles – but I’m also willing to get my butt fully kicked during the session too!

For those of you who are used to working out on your own or you play an individual sport, then it’s worth bearing in mind the benefits of team sports: they can really help you with stress management, goal-setting and hitting, and communication skills. We all know, too, that meeting new people as an adult can be difficult. I can think of no better way to make new friends than getting together with a load of women and all getting out of your comfort zone together! I also find that getting involved in a team sport has you running around a pitch and getting an incredible aerobic workout without even realising.

Because rugby is a contact sport, it helps develop overall body strength, plus will attune your own proprioception and motor skills which are transferable into your other sports and movements, whether that’s CrossFit, running or yoga. The thought of tackling in rugby is a little scary – but firstly, the Warrior Camps are beginners’ introductions, designed to give you a taste for the real thing, plus studies show that the benefits of rugby outweigh the risks, and safety is paramount in the sport.

If that’s got you as excited as I am then you can find a Warrior Camp near you at englandrugby.com/innerwarrior. Once you’re signed up, show me your best warrior face on social media and tag it with #InnerWarrior so we can all see. Can you do better than mine?!

Watch this space for how I get on at my Warrior Camp, and leave any tips below for a complete rugby newbie!

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