5 Ways To Be Body Confident When You’re Just Not Feeling It

September 11, 2017

how to be body confident

Body confidence doesn’t come from being slim, or beautiful, and body confidence definitely isn’t something all of us feel all of the time, no matter how body positive we may be. It’s completely fine if you don’t feel body confident right now, so don’t worry about comparing yourself and your own body confidence journey to that of other people you might see on Instagram or in the gym.

Body confidence comes from respecting what you’ve been given, what you’ve built, and what your body can do – but this doesn’t come overnight. There are things we can all do to make ourselves feel more body confident each day, and what works for me may not work for you.  I’m going to share five ways that make me feel more body confident that you can do right now to work towards being body confident.

It’s worth noting that none of these things will make you look any different to other people – and you probably won’t see the difference in the mirror, either. These are things that make me feel great both inside and out. Read on to find out the things I do to work towards becoming a bad-ass body confident babe.

how to be body confident

Go lift some heavy weights

This one is so important to me and has made a massive difference to my own body confidence. It’s not about burning calories, building muscle, or sculpting a physique. It’s easy to set numerical goals when you lift weights and the progress towards these goals is tangible, then you know you’ve achieved something. The more you go through this goal setting and goal achieving cycle, the less it becomes about how you look and the more it becomes about what you can do.

Of course, this can be said of any fitness goal but for me lifting weights is especially empowering, especially when you start lifting heavy for you and you realise just how strong your body can be.

Eat really well

When I say “really well”, I’m not talking about hitting macros, eating low carb, or even eating anything and everything you want. The times I feel the very best and the most confident about myself are the times I’ve trusted myself to eat intuitively, which includes a little bit of what you fancy. Tracking macros might be a necessity for athletes or for those looking to lose weight, but focusing on numbers in this instance can make you miserable and prevent you from enjoying your food.

Empower yourself by trusting yourself to eat well. This might mean you eat all the veggies your body craves (I’ve been craving pineapples and half an avocado a day recently!), or it might mean eating a pizza for dinner. Eat what makes you feel good inside and out, and the body confidence will come along with it.

how to be body confident

Pick up a friend

Er, I don’t mean literally… But you can do that if you like! Think about your friends, how unique and amazing they are – you don’t see their faults at all, not even when they point them out to you. If it’s not too cringe, lift them up by telling them what’s so amazing about them – they’ll be grateful for the boost.

Now, take this little exercise and apply it to yourself. What would your friends think was amazing and unique about you? Would your friends notice your faults? I’m going to answer this for you: no, they wouldn’t. Next time you’re beating yourself up about something or not feeling so body confident, remember this, and speak to yourself like you were a friend – because really, you are the best friend you’ll ever have! (Apart from your mum)

Give yourself a home spa day

Give yourself a break once a week (it’s a Sunday night for me) to treat yourself to a full body MOT, especially if you don’t get much chance to look after yourself in the week. Really pampering myself with a big at-home spa session is one of those things that doesn’t outwardly make much of a difference but makes me feel amazing.

I normally start with an all-over body brush to get the blood flowing with a hair and face mask on, followed by a salt bath then using a rich moisturiser all over my body. By the end I literally feel like the blissed-out head-rub emoji, and better yet, it was me who make myself feel like that.

Treat yourself!

This one might seem in contrast to the rest of the not-changing-how-you-look points, but we’re not talking a full body makeover here. Although your self-worth shouldn’t be based on how you look, sometimes I can start feeling down about myself if my hair is looking a bit dry or if my nails are scruffy – and these are such simple things to fix! Getting your hair cut or nails done can be a simple, quick treat, which means you can free up headspace to focus on being a badass, body-confident babe you’re destined to be!

Building body confidence isn’t easy, and it’s a journey of back and forths for all of us. Like anything though you have to work at it, so try figure out what makes YOU feel incredible, and empower yourself by doing it a little bit every single day.

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4 responses to “5 Ways To Be Body Confident When You’re Just Not Feeling It”

  1. Christy says:

    Bad ass body confident babe. Now there’s a title I’d like to hold!
    I really need to work on eating intuitively

  2. Tabitha says:

    Great post! It’s often just as much about mindset as it is about actual physical training – motivation and dedication comes from a healthy, positive outlook and body confidence is such an important part of this, like you say!

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