11 Non-Fitness Facts About Me You Didn’t Already Know

facts that squat bot

Who is this Squatbot anyway, where did she come from? What is she all about?!

I talk a lot about CrossFit, fitness and food on this blog, but I’ve realised I don’t talk an awful lot about me – something I’m trying to change with some more personal posts! I was nominated by Natalie of A Balanced Life to share 10 facts about myself on Instagram – but things actually started to get a little long-winded, so I thought I’d share the facts over here instead.

So grab a brew and a biscuit, and settle down to find out 11 facts (yeah, I just had to go one more) about me. I’ve tried to keep them as non-fitness as possible, but some bits have slipped in as it’s such a big part of my life! Were there any you knew already? How about any that surprised you? Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions about me and what you think of these more personal posts!

facts that squat bot

First up… I am a pretty big sci-fi nerd, especially Star Trek. My favourite series is The Next Generation (Wesley Crusher was bae when I was younger) but I do love the new series of films. My absolute favourite film though is Guardians of the Galaxy, closely followed by the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Can’t wait for Infinity War!).

I’m a bit of a blogging OG. I’ve had That Squat Bot since the end of 2013, although it was a Tumblr account way before that (some of the totes motivational slogans on there are pretty cringe, but hopefully you can see I’ve been about that strong life for a while now). However, I had a fashion blog from 2011-2013, a LiveJournal for years before that, and I even had an Angelfire website way back in 1997 where I talked about random stuff online!

I’ve had cats my entire life – currently a black and white moggy called Henning, who I love very much – but I would really like a dog one day. I’m looking forward to having a house big enough for one to run around the place!

I was super horsey from the age of 4 until I was 23 – my parents had me go to riding lessons just for something to do but I was obsessed from my very first time! I didn’t get my first pony until I was 15, but I had an awesome time racing around the countryside with Megan. I’d love to own a horse again one day but I’d like to dedicate a lot of time to riding, which I sadly don’t have the luxury of right now.

facts that squat bot

Aged 11 I fell off a horse, smashed up my shoulder, and had to have an emergency operation to have it pinned together – the pin is still in there now. I remember not being too bothered when it happened and trying to get straight back on the horse, although I think that was adrenaline as my arm was half hanging off..! I didn’t have any physio after it healed, which I am unfortunately paying for now.

My first career was as a veterinary nurse in an exotic animal practice, treating everything from dogs and cats to birds of prey, parrots, capybara, meerkats, marmosets, reptiles… and even an 18 foot boa constrictor once. Everyone is always surprised when I say that as they can’t believe I’d walk away from something like that – although I feel very lucky to have done it and the things I experienced were incredible, it just never felt right for me. Of course, it’s also really upsetting when the worst happens to the animals, especially when you get close to their owners.

I am terrible at getting out of bed in the morning! I will never be someone who leaps out of bed at 5am for a green juice and yoga practice – I’ll snooze up until the very last minute and will often get ready for work in 20 minutes. I’m never late though!

Travelling actually makes me feel anxious (especially flying) but I still have the urge to explore and see as many different places as possible. Every time I go away I have to swallow my fear and go for it, but I’m not a brilliant travelling partner – my boyfriend can attest to how snappy I can get! Promise I’m not being nasty, it’s just my way of being nervy.

facts that squat bot

I ran my first marathon in Manchester in 4 hours and 27 minutes. I say first – but it’s the only one I’ve run, and I’ve always said never again. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and the time passing hasn’t made the pain lessen! However, if the opportunity to run London came up, I might have to reconsider…

In my late teens and early twenties, I was over-obsessive about food, and training was to burn off calories. I feel a lot of us were in a similar boat at the same time, so although the ‘strong not skinny’ movement is still focusing on our bodies, at least we’re not constantly exposed to very thin bodies like we were then. I had a break from exercise for a few years but began again in 2013 after my dad passed away – it worked well to both distract my mind when I needed it and also helped me grieve.

And the final fact about me… Have I saved the very best until last?! I’m going to go with no, as I’m just about to tell you my coffee order! Always a filter coffee for me please (Aeropress is best) with Oatly foamable milk if you have it, but soya milk is fine if not. I love drinking coffee but I can’t have more than two a day (and never past 1pm) or else I won’t sleep!

Did you learn anything here? Give it a go yourself, it’s a lot of fun – tag me in them on social if you do share so I can find out more about you!

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