Frequent Traveller? Here’s How To Stay Fit + Healthy On Work Trips

September 21, 2017

Get to travel a lot for work? Lucky you! But as you know if you do it already, it’s tough to stick to a fit and healthy lifestyle if you’re constantly on a train or plane, or in a city not well known to you.

I travel around twice a month for work, sometimes abroad, sometimes just to London – but it’s taken me a year to get better at this healthy travelling thing. I still could do better (you’ll hear a couple of my anecdotes within the post!) but I’m starting to refine best practise for work trips. So pick your travel outfit – gym hoodies and joggers are my choice of planewear – scout out some healthy snacks, and read on to find out the simple ways you stay fit and healthy while you’re on the move.


Scope out the fitness scene before you go

Before you arrive, check the Internet for the local fitness scene. Is there an incredible yoga studio in the area, or an innovative new class? Even if there’s not, it’s great to have an idea of class times so you can aim to schedule your meetings accordingly.

Don’t booze with your colleagues

I sound like a proper party pooper here – and if it’s a one-off, it’s absolutely fine – but if you travel a lot, don’t make going out drinking with your colleagues or clients a habit. You’ll feel awful and probably make poor choices the next day. Why not suggest you work out together after your meeting? Yep, some colleagues will think you’re a complete nerd, but there could be others who have been waiting a long time for someone to offer a healthy option!

Water, water, water

Drink as much as you can before you travel, while you travel, and while you’re at your destination. Keeping hydrated will prevent the affects of tiredness or jet lag from hitting you too hard,

Make healthy choices

Admittedly I’m not always the best at this (hello, massive airport McDonalds) – but realise that when travelling your choices won’t be perfect, but you CAN make the best choice available. You can’t go too wrong if you prioritise lean protein and vegetables.


Stock up on snacks

If you’re going into a meeting after travelling, know that there will probably be lots of coffee, pastries, cookies and sandwiches available. This isn’t a problem for one day, but if you’re working towards a goal then you may want to hit a supermarket to stock up on nuts, seeds, and to snack on throughout the day.

Take your running kit

If all else fails, take your running kit, grab 20 minutes and go out for a quick run! It’s a good way to wind down after a day in a meeting room and will also give you the opportunity to explore the local area.

Take your swimming costume

I love swimming and find it mega relaxing, but hardly ever find the time to go. A lot of hotels have a swimming pool or spa that opens late, so it’s well worth taking your swimming stuff to take advantage of this luxury being literally on your doorstep.

Take earplugs and an eye mask

Good sleep and rest is as important for health as fitness and food are, but unfortunately these are two things that suffer most when travelling. Stick earplugs in and an eye mask on before you sleep, as you never know whether other hotel guests will come noisily rolling in at 3am to disturb your sleep.

Don’t be too tough on yourself!

Travelling a lot for work is really tough, both physically and emotionally, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you DO end up eating the full bag of duty free Schöko-Bons on the plane (this has definitely happened to me). Try your best, but give yourself a break too, and aim to get right back on track when you get home if all else fails.

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