A Very CrossFit Christmas | 2017 Gift Guide for the Avid CrossFitter

crossfit christmas gift guide

Since it’s now December 1st we can now officially start talking about Christmas – woohoo! In every store is the latest must-have toys, tech, and beauty products,just waiting to be chosen as a gift by the perfect receiver.

But what do you do if the person you’re buying a gift for’s interests are a little less mainstream? I can’t really help if their hobby is Warhammer, planespotting, or backgammon.. but I CAN help if they are into CrossFit, as so am I, and I, too, want stuff for Christmas. Read on to find out the best gifts you can buy your CrossFitting loved one this Christmas!

What To Buy An Avid CrossFitter For Christmas…

A short disclaimer before we begin – none of these items are product placements – although some are affiliate links for which I receive a small commission from each purchase – just stuff that is genuinely off MY Christmas list or lists from years prior, so you’re hearing the unbiased wants and desires of a real-life CFer here..! Any other CrossFitters who want other stuff, help our readers out and comment with other Christmas ideas you may have. You might just save somebody’s Christmas.

crossfit christmas gift guide

Training & Recovery Kit

You all know by now that I’m big on recovery, which should be as big a part of your CrossFit life as your training. For that reason, Activ7 Recovery Oil is firmly on my Christmas list. A blend of moisturisers and essential oils help to recover your muscles fast after strenuous training. (If you’re reading this last minute, then magnesium salts would be an excellent supermarket-bought gift!)

I’ve recently started taking GLC 2000which is supposed to be the world’s best joint care supplement. Although I’m only a few weeks in, I’m sure my joints ache less and my ankles no longer click in the morning, so all signs so far are pretty positive. It’s an investment buy that will be highly appreciated by your CF buddy!

You’ve probably seen your CrossFit friend’s trashed hands after a tough gymnastics workout – the WOD Welder Hand care Kit helps keep hands tidy before and after workouts, and a genius idea for serious hand care is to get your giftee something like a Dremel 3000-15 Multitoolfor them to use a small sanding attachment to keep calluses under control.

Triplextension are a newly-launched, Manchester-based weightlifting brand who create custom-made gymnastic grips. Now, the trouble with them being custom is that they need to be measured to fit the individual’s hands – the wraps are based on ring size, palm length and wrist circumference – but not to worry. You can still give them as a gift this Christmas by wrapping up their Gift Kit, which contains a sizing swatch (for finding the right finger size for you), a tape measure as well as clear instructions on how to measure your hands. The cost of the kit (£30) includes postage of the kit and finished product to the lucky lifter.

Another hand-care stocking filler would be the brand new WOD and Done Grips and Hook Grip Bundle, which are single-use grips that feel like wearing nothing at all. Get them a pack of 20 to sort them out for the next couple of months.


The main book on my list this year is Barbell Buddha: The Collected Writings of Chris Moore. Chris was a member of Barbell Shrugged, host and writer of the Barbell Buddha podcast and blog, and had a successful professional career as a medical writer – until he very sadly passed away last summer. The book is set to be an eye-opening read filled with Chris’s published and unpublished work, related to spiritual, mental and physical health – something we can all learn from.

If they don’t already own Becoming a Supple Leopard – which I got for Christmas last year and would recommend to anyone wanting to improve their movement and mobility – this is another must-read!

crossfit christmas gift guide


Yeah, duh. Everyone wants socks for Christmas, right? Or at least everyone I know does, as they can’t be bothered to buy them throughout the year. But socks are kind of a big deal in CrossFit. We all have a couple of spare longer pairs in our bags to wear to ropeclimb to avoid getting rope burns, and they’re a fashion statement along with it.

Stance are the trendiest brand in CrossFit socks, and the pink Slay Ride pair are festive, though there’s a time and a place for them – and that’s not any time after December 26th. Maybe choosing something from the wider collection would make a better investment.

Uneccessary, But Brilliant, Stocking Fillers

A magnetic smartphone mount can attach to a rig for recording Olympic lifts. Whether that’s to check lifting form or to post on Instagram, that’s totally up to the receiver (I usually feign the former but actually do the latter).

Stuck for a workout? Not with WODDice! Just roll the dice to create a WOD.

Every CrossFitter needs to get a mobility ball in their butt* occasionally, so it might as well be a brightly coloured 66fit massage ball. *By butt, I of course mean sacroiliac joint, where CrossFitters can hold a lot of tension. Not actually in the butt. Ahem.

CrossFitters love COFFEE. My favourite right now is Extreme Bean Coffee, made especially for high-intensity fitness.

Bigger Budget

This list has mainly covered stocking fillers and smaller presents, but if you want to go bigger budget, then a Compex device is amazing for recovery (I got one for my birthday) and any CrossFitter or weightlifter will appreciate having an Olympic bar at home to practice their snatch! If they’re a coach, they may appreciate a contribution towards further CrossFit training.

Something new that’s been released this year is the Halo Sport neurostimulation device, which some of the top CrossFit athletes used to prepare for the Games this past summer. This really isn’t for the beginner CrossFitter – this is somebody at the top of their game who is constantly looking for those marginal gains. If that’s what your giftee is looking for, then this could be a really interesting, unusual gift.

crossfit christmas gift guide

Hopefully this list will cover any budget for pretty much any friend or family member who is a CrossFit addict, and they’ll be very happily surprised with your thoughtful gift come Christmas morning.

Are YOU a CrossFitter with a Christmas list? Comment below with what’s on your list and help out someone in the CrossFit community!

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A very CrossFit Christmas - a gift and present guide for your CrossFit-obsessed friend

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  • Ohhh yes I love everything in your guide! Those Hollydaze socks from Stance are immense, and I could scoff a whole tub of Myprotein nut butter in a day haha. I really, really want to get that Becoming a Supple Leopard book too. Oh and as for speed ropes I totally agree except for the Buddy Lee Aerospeed rope that you can cut down to size. Can’t remember how suitable it is for tall people though.

    Ahh and thank you for the shout out too that’s so lovely of you <3

  • Hello, You’ve outdone yourself this time, this is a very nice compilation, i’ll definitely be adding some of these to my list as well, What better way is it to have Christmas!! Thanks.

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