The 12 Days Of Christmas | Celebrating Christmas With A Gruesome CrossFit WOD!

12 days of christmas

It’s customary for every CrossFit box to celebrate the holiday season and have a big blow out at the end of the year with a massive WOD.. but incredibly, despite being three Christmases into the sport, I’ve managed to avoid it so far! This year, though, there was no getting out of it, so I got myself to Reebok CrossFit Stockport to celebrate the season with the gang.

The workout goes just like the song – so you do one rep, followed by one rep of the first move, then two reps of a new movement, then one rep, two reps, then three reps of another movement, and so on. This means you do a total of 364 reps for time, and there’s no simple moves in this workout, everything should be scaled so it’s challenging for you.

Click through to watch the video I made of the workout, and watch me suffer in the name of Christmas… You can tell I’m really not okay at the end!

I hope you enjoyed seeing me absolutely ruined after that workout. It took me 51 minutes – eek! You heard my friends cheering me on to finish, which I was grateful for, though I’m sure they were just ready for their lunch and wanted me to get it done.

This is me now signing off for 2017. It’s been an awesome year! You can still catch up with me on Instagram, and I’ll be back with a bang in 2018 with lots of exciting goals, projects and content.

Wishing all of my readers a very merry Christmas, happy holidays, and an amazing new year!

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12 days of christmas

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