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england rugby warrior camps

Did you hear that the Inner Warrior camps I did back in August drove a massive 3,500 women to pick up a rugby ball for the very first time?

If you didn’t get chance to try rugby then – or gave it a go and loved it – then I have some great news for you. Warrior Camps are back for 2018! The camps are running 12-28th January 2018, encouraging women to kick-start their fitness routine for the new year and challenge themselves to take up a new sport.

Some awesome stats came from the last wave of camps – over 10,500 women attended camps since January 2016 (way in excess of the 8,000 target) which meant that 41 new female contact rugby club teams began in 2017.

I covered the benefits of playing rugby after my first rugby training session, but if you’re unwilling to get on the field during the winter, here are some of the benefits of getting outside to play during the cold weather that will hopefully change your mind!

Thaw the winter blues

If you’re anything like me, the depths of winter – especially January and February, with no Christmas to come and spring nowhere in sight – can make you feel blue. Getting outside with some daylight on your skin will help your body produce Vitamin D, which we tend to get very little of in the winter months, affecting our mood. Even if you’re not suffering from full-blown seasonal affective disorder, the workout you get playing rugby will release endorphins, which boosts mood, helping you to feel perked-up the rest of the day.


Playing rugby can be a great way to release stress and tension, offering a massive hit of post-exercise feel-good hormones. Winter training in the great outdoors is one of the quickest and most effective jolts to your system and will refresh your mind, body and spirit. Enjoy the crisp air, nature and (hopefully some!) sunshine for a natural pick-me-up.

england rugby warrior camps

Increased mental toughness

It takes a lot of mental toughness to take yourself out of a cosy, warm environment into the cold to play rugby, but the more you do it, the easier it’ll become – and other tough things will feel easier too.

“If I can get outside to play in this weather, then I can do anything!”

Boost your metabolism

Being exposed to the cold weather during your training session means you use extra energy trying to stay warm. As the body works hard to regulate your core temperature, your metabolism is kicked into overdrive. This is why you usually feel very hungry after you’ve been training outside in the winter months – and doing anything that means you can eat more food is a win in my eyes!

I was so gutted I couldn’t give 100% at the last Warrior Camp I was at due to a busted ankle, so I’m stoked that I’ll be playing rugby again at the Winnington Park RFCWarrior Camp. If you want to try a Warrior Camp for yourself, you can find your local event by visiting www.englandrugby.com/innerwarrior.

Let me know if you have any concerns or questions about the camps – otherwise see you on the Rugby field!

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