Lost Your Fitness Mojo? 5 Top Fitness Bloggers Reveal How To Get It Back

lost fitness mojo

Since I started training consistently 4 years ago, I’ve never really taken a big break, nor have I ever felt like I’ve lost motivation, dedication, or discipline – and I don’t say that to be a dick, I’ve just enjoyed all the different sorts of training I’ve done so much that I’ve always been eager to get there.

That’s why it’s been such a big shock to the system that the past month I just haven’t felt like training. Normally it would be the highlight of my day, so much so I’d look forward to getting to the gym to see my friends and get my body moving, but right now I dread it.

Maybe it’s that I’ve been super busy lately, or maybe I just feel burnout from constantly chasing so many different goals – I don’t know for sure. As it’s not something I’ve experienced before I can’t even advise on it, so I’ve reached out to some of my fitness blogger friends who have lots of advice to offer me, and you too, if you’re feeling that way.

It always helps me to book in some training with friends. It makes it a more social experience and also helps prevent you from ditching the session because you don’t want to let your friend down. I also find scheduling training sessions in my diary makes me more likely to keep them – it’s easy to keep saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” if it’s not booked in your diary!

And finally, posting about doing it on social media makes me feel more accountable… no one likes to admit they didn’t do what they said they were going to do!

Georgina of Fitcetera

Ease off for a while. Take away the pressure by eliminating performance-driven goals, such as complete 5k in this time or lift a certain weight and instead set more fun and emotive ones like run somewhere I’ve never been before, try a new studio, do one session a week that makes me proud.

Mix it up, try new stuff and classes for a couple of months. It’s like work, if you don’t have a break now and again you’ll burn out.

Charlotte of Lunges & Lycra

I feel your pain. Mojo lost for about 8 months. I discovered that swimming was a great way to relax and work out. So, my advice is to find something that gets you excited or that you find is fun and try and do it with friends. If you really can’t find the motivation, maybe try and make brisk walks a part of your day to keep you active without it feeling like training.

Stephen of How Many Miles

This is so me at the moment. It’s hard to get out of that slump. For me, I find the best thing is to actually set myself a new challenge as it motivates me to start again. By challenge, I don’t mean setting myself a time goal as that adds pressure, but something that I have never done before.

Helen of HelsBels

Do something completely different – if you’re lacking motivation for running/cycling etc., try a new gym class or a new sport (trampolining? badminton? ice skating, even!?) and just have fun working out without the pressure for a while. You’ll soon miss it.

Lucy of Eurogirlrunning

One thing I’ve learned during this is that at some point everyone feels this way (yep, even fitness bloggers!), so don’t feel disheartened if you don’t feel like training. Hopefully one of those tips works for you – I’m going to forget about goal-chasing for a little while and just move in ways I enjoy, until the love of sport and fitness returns to me.

If you have any more suggestions that could help me or others in the same boat, do leave them in the comments below!

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