Vegan Restaurants in Ibiza Town | The 5 Best Plant-Based Options For Every Meal

July 6, 2018

best vegan food ibiza town

This past weekend I spent a brilliant few days in Ibiza Town, and although this wasn’t my first visit to the island it was my first visit eating a mainly plant-based diet so was an awesome opportunity to eat my way through all the vegan food in the city.

Everywhere has at least one decent vegan option (as in, not just a plate of chips!) and almost everywhere has soya milk, too, but I did my research and found the best places for vegan, plant-based food in Ibiza Town. I’d say it was a tough job but it really wasn’t – it was delicious! Read on to find out my favourite vegan restaurants for every meal.

best vegan food ibiza town

Best for brunch: Superbuono

We were lucky that Superbuono was only a few minutes from our hotel, so it was convenient for us to pop down when hungry. As with many places in Ibiza Town, this isn’t an exclusively vegan restaurant, but has a number of vegan options alongside fresh, healthy meat and dairy options. My favourite meal here was a wild rice dish with mixed veggies, salad and avocado, with a side of vegetables and hummus, with a green juice.

This place also offers a breakfast deal which includes a vegan croissant, juice and tea, coffee or a matcha milk, which I didn’t try but would love to next time. Bonus: they have a number of different vegan ice cream options – I highly recommend trying the basil sorbet!

best vegan food ibiza town

best vegan food ibiza town

Best for lunch on the go: Biorganic Ibiza

We spent Sunday afternoon wandering the streets of Ibiza Town near the port, and it was just into siesta time when we decided we were hungry, so it was difficult to find open restaurants at that time. Earlier I’d spotted Biorganic, which is mainly a health food shop but has a juice and raw food bar out the front.

I fully expected this raw vegan burger to taste like dust, but it was in fact awesome – and Chris loved it too! I had an acai bowl and Chris had a gazpacho which is one of his favourite foods along with an apple, which all in came at a reasonable €20. A great little place to sit outside on their purple table, or grab and go for a beach picnic.

best vegan food ibiza town

Best for a beachside bite: Pastaflora Food Marquet

It was the night after we’d been to Ushuaia for David Guetta and although it wasn’t a late one, I was feeling tired and in need of some rest and relaxation! On our way down to the beach I spotted a little cafe selling pastries, bagels and sandwiches, and as I lay on the beach, a craving for a bagel started to form, so when it got to lunchtime it had to be Pastaflora.

It took a little explaining that I wanted soya milk and no cream cheese on the bagel, but it arrived perfectly as I’d described and it was so tasty – just the right level of warm, soft bagel, with crunchy salad, and creamy avocado. The coffee was great too.

best vegan food ibiza town

Best for choice: Loveat Ibiza

This place is off a main road rather than on the beach, and a little walk from the centre and even further from the port of Ibiza, but the selection of food here and friendly service is worth the trip.

I had the seitan stir fry, and although Loveat is supposedly Italian this meal had an umami, Chinese-style flavour, with fresh vegetables mixed in. Chris and I shared a portion of chips too. I’d never tried seitan before and loved its chewy texture, and I feel like stir frying like this is the ideal way to make it. There were a number of vegan options in both starters and mains, plus options for other dietary requirements like gluten free, so I’d recommend this place if youre not quite sure what you fancy and need a bit of choice.

best vegan food ibiza town

Best for varied diets: CositasRicas

This place is the highest rated restaurant for vegan food in Ibiza Town, and it’s no surprise as to why. It’s a small place in a local area with a really friendly, family vibe, and the food is absolutely incredible. The menu is small but has something for everyone with its own vegan section – I had the vegetable lasagne with courgette, quinoa and crushed almonds which was delicious, and I appreciated

In addition to the vegan section there’s a range of different locally-sourced, freshly-made options whatever your diet – Chris had a seafood risotto and we embellished our main meals with sides of grilled vegetables, home-made tortillas and guacamole, plus falafel with salsa.

A great meal to end our short but sweet trip to Ibiza Town. It’s such a veggie-friendly place and you never feel like plant-based food is a second thought here. I will be back to try out the vegan food in different resorts!

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