6 Top Health Benefits Of Owning A Cat | In Partnership With Whiskas

health benefits of cats

You guys, I actually cannot believe this: my wonderful cat has landed his first campaign. My little Henning, an influencer! I am super excited to bring you this post today in partnership with Whiskas (yes, he’s gone big for his first partnership) – just for transparency, this post was written by me, although he is of course the star of the show, along with Whiskas cat casseroles.

I often call Henning my emotional support cat and although I pretend it’s in jest, in reality it’s the truth, and there are scientific reasons why. I wanted to look into the science of why owning cats is so good for us humans and I came across a whole wealth of reasons, my favourites of which are below. Definitely all excellent reasons to treat your wonderful cat with Whiskas!

Owning a cat reduces stress levels

Petting and cuddling your cat releases the hormone oxytocin, which induces feelings of love and trust, which is why I feel like Henning is my emotional support cat.

The headlines were that owning a cat reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, although that may be a touch sensationalist – the study states the risk may be reduced. Still, with so many of us suffering from stress and high blood pressure, the reduction in these factors can’t be discounted.

health benefits of cats

It’s thought that purring could help heal us

Purring isn’t just cute – but omg just how cute is it when they’re on your tummy, dancing and purring away?! – a cat’s purr is 20-140 Hz and this study shows that we can benefit from these vibrations. Purring has been linked to lowering stress, decreasing symptoms of dyspnoea, lessening the chances of having a heart attack, and even strengthening bones. I feel like we’d need hundreds of cats constantly purring to create any sort of true healing effect on our bodies (although I ain’t mad about that, the cats might be a touch stressed mind) I like to think that as well as calming their kittens, a cats’ purr was made specifically to heal

Cats help us sleep better

There’s a study that proves that cats laying in bed next to you helps you sleep better, especially if you’re a woman – apart from the 4am wake-up for a quick cuddle, of course. 41% of those who sleep with a pet in our beds have better quality sleep. The sense of companionship and security of having a cat sleep next to us helps relax us and improve sleep quality.

health benefits of cats

Early exposure to cats helps reduce allergies

If you’re a kid, that is – this study suggests that if you’re around cats when you’re younger, you’re less likely to experience symptoms of allergies as an adult. I knew there was a health reason I was cat-obsessed when I was young.

Cats provide companionship

This one is a given – who owns a cat and doesn’t say he’s their best mate? There are a number of studies (many cited in this study) that show just how much owning a cat can contribute to your quality of life, offer social support, and provide emotional support, especially for those with a smaller social network and higher prevalence of negative life events. Of course, it’s still important to work on human interaction, but it’s still a positive that your cat can offer all of these benefits too.

health benefits of cats

Cat owners are smarter

People with cats are more likely to have university degrees than those with dogs, apparently, so the only thing we can take from that is that owning cats literally makes us smarter… right?

Um, possibly not. It’s thought that those with more demanding jobs with longer hours choose to have cats due to them being easier to care for than dogs, although there could be a number of reasons. I’m going to stick with simply being smarter than dog owners, however!

I always knew that Henning improved my life immensely, but it’s awesome to find out the science behind these benefits and give me just reason to treat him with a Whiskas Casserole! Does your cat bring you health benefits? Let me know how in the comments.

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