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How To Get Back Into Running After A Long Break

get back into running

It’s hard for me to believe now just how far and fast my legs once took me. From a full marathon to fast 5Ks, hoping to break a sub-45 minute 10K, along with pacing various run clubs, these legs have done a lot of mileage.

Just after I completed my marathon, though, I really started to switch off running. What was once enjoyable became a chore, and I had found myself a new love, anyway – Olympic weightlifting. Although I found nothing was better for overall fitness and weight control than running, I couldn’t wait to drop the gruelling running plan and spend some time under a barbell.

Now, what was once such a strength of mine has become a weakness, so I’m working hard to get back the endurance I once had. Sometimes it’s more difficult to go back to something you were once good at as a relative beginner, so read on to hear the strategy I’ve been using to improve my running once more.

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Healthy Things To Eat + Do In Dublin

healthy dublin

What do you get for the lady who has everything, and wants nothing? That was the dilemma I faced in December with my mum’s birthday looming. Luckily Ryanair’s Black Friday flight sale came at just the right time and it was decided: as a surprise we’d go for a whistlestop overnight stay in Dublin.

The city is famous for being loud, brash city, with plenty of pubs serving up Guinness by the pintload – but my mum doesn’t drink and I’m very much still in my January health kick, so we set about finding a few more healthy things to do! Thankfully, like most big cities, health and fitness is a big trend in Dublin right now, so there was plenty to do – and we still managed to treat ourselves along the way…

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Tips For Surviving Your First Spartan Race

spartan race

Remember I wrote a post, Get Spartan Fit, about training for a Spartan Race? I posted that after having a look around online for the obstacles, and after finding only a few (Spartan are cagey about which obstacles they have at each race) I did a bit of extra upper body stuff at the gym and headed towards my first Spartan Race with confidence.

Oh, how wrong I was. As I walked towards the race village last weekend and spotted some of the obstacles, I realised how under-prepared I was. Now I know the only thing that prepares you for doing a Spartan Race is to do a Spartan Race, because most of the obstacles are pretty unique. Of course, now I have completed a Spartan Super I feel much more wizened to Spartan’s suffering, so read on for my tips on surviving your first Spartan.
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