Sweet Potato Toast | Trialling The Foodie Trends

sweet potato toast

Wow. OK, yes, that was a very long, very much unplanned hiatus. And yes, I fully intend to write a post detailing exactly what I’ve been up to these past four months (eek) as there’s been quite a lot going on, but today I tried out something I saw on the internet and for the first time in a long time I thought to myself, “I want to blog about this”. So, here we are.

Foodie trends come and go – many are ridiculous, require ingredients only sourceable from the ancient Maya (or perhaps Ocado), or just become too over-hyped, too quickly, for me to bother trying. However, I’m really trying to broaden my palate for healthy foods, so I’ve decided to begin a series where I try out the latest foodie trends.

Today’s is so simple that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself – sweet potato toast! Read on to see what I thought and whether you should give it a go yourself. View Post


The Benefits of a Post-Workout Burger

benefits of a post workout burger

Hang on.. Did you read that right? You’ve heard of the benefits of a post-workout protein shake, or maybe even a post-workout green juice, but a post-workout burger? I’ve not gone crazy – I promise!

Okay, so it’s not the healthiest to base your entire diet around burgers and fries, especially considering the latest World Heath Organisation research revealing a link between processed meat and colorectal cancer. The study also claimed that avoiding meat is not a protective strategy against cancer, so it’s simply a case of moderation – and if you’re going to treat yourself, then post-workout is the perfect time as your body is crying out for densely-packed food.

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Rust + Stone | Clean Eating in Manchester City Centre

rust and stone clean eating manchester

With clean eating becoming a big trend, it’s no surprise to see new healthy restaurants popping up – though us Mancunians have had to leave the city to eat clean so far, with my out-of-town favourites being Bosu Body Bar and The Yard.

That’s all change, now, with the opening of Rust & Stone, a café bar with a focus on fresh, healthy food. Set in the busy financial district of Spinningfields, it certainly has the right clientele surrounding it – that is those with extremely busy lives, who also want to look after their health but don’t necessarily have the time to spend hours meal prepping at the weekend.

I recently went along for Saturday lunch* and a juice – read on to find out what I thought.

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One Epic Cheat Meal at Manchester Food + Drink Festival 2015

epic cheat meal

If there’s one thing all fitness people have in common – whether they’re powerlifters, bodybuilders, CrossFitters, marathon runners, or bikini competitors – it’s that we all love food. Food in massive amounts. Healthy food and not-so-healthy food. It fuels our workouts, helps us recover, and generally makes us happy!

Some fitness people look forward to their epic cheat meal like most look forward to Christmas, and there is nothing like eating a massive meal after a hard workout. I still remember how that plate of fish, chips, and mushy peas gave me life after running the Manchester Marathon.

I try not to separate food into good and bad, though I do try to focus on creating meals from scratch using mainly vegetables, fresh meat and wholegrain carbs. However, I love the thought of going wild on food with no associated guilt every so often, and that’s exactly what I did this past weekend at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival!

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Super Easy Protein Energy Bar Recipe

protein bar recipe

Though I have protein snacks pretty much on-tap at work (okay, in a vending machine) I still like to know exactly what’s in my food, so I really enjoy creating meals and snacks from scratch. These protein energy bars have  are easy to make, are no-bake, low-sugar, and you can chop them into however many portions suit your macros!

I was first given this recipe by the lovely Laura, though I’ve modified it to suit my dietary requirements. It’s perfect for pre-workout or as a snack throughout the day, and it feels like a treat although it’s highly nutritious. Read on for the super simple recipe.

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Supplements Surprisingly Good for Hair, Skin & Nails

hair skin nails supplements

High maintenance is not a phrase I’d use to describe my beauty regime. My nails are bare, I wear as little make-up as possible – though eyebrows are a non-negotiable – and I let my hair air-dry. The last beauty technique is a risky one, as you never know how it’s going to turn out, especially after going to bed with a soggy head!

This isn’t because I think I’m naturally stunningly beautiful; it’s just because I’m lazy. If I’m not at work or in the gym I want to be doing pretty much nothing other than eating or laying still on the sofa, so my beauty regime maximises the time spent doing this.

I still want to look healthy, though I’m aware the natural look takes a lot of effort to look just that – natural. However, since I started working in sports nutrition and I’ve tried out more goodies, I’ve found some supplements provide surprising benefits other than sports performance.

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How I Meal Prep Like A Boss

meal prep

Working in town with loads of healthy food choices (and not-so-healthy for those kind of days) meant I never really had much of a need for meal prep. Sure, sometimes when money was a little tight I’d cook a few days’ worth of meals and take them to work, but I never really enjoyed eating re-heated chicken and rice when I knew Barburrito was just around the corner.

Now I’m leaving for work at 7am and getting home after CrossFit at 9pm, and the thought of chopping vegetables makes me want to weep when all I really want to do is shower and hop into bed. I’ve been preparing meals in advance for dinner, and I think I’ve just about cracked what works for me.

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