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No More Newbie Gains? Here’s How To Break Through A Plateau + Be A Happier CrossFitter

breaking plateaus

The newbie gains come thick and fast when you first start CrossFit, but unfortunately they don’t last forever…

A year down the line things start to plateau and PBs are fewer and farther between. When I watch CrossFitters walking on their hands and repping out muscle-ups (heck, even repping out pull-ups) I still feel very new to the sport – despite having been doing it over two years now – although something that does remind me that I’m not so green anymore is my lack of newbie gains: that is, every time I go into the box I’m not hitting new PBs like you do in those golden first months of CrossFit. Even though we’re all supposed to be doing this sport for fun, it can get you down and you may not be that happy-go-lucky CrossFitter you were when you were PBing every week!

I’ve switched up my training strategy of late and last week I finally added 5kg onto my split jerk after being stuck on a plateau for a year. Hooray! That doesn’t mean the spell is broken and the hard work is over – I’m consistently working on a few different strategies to ensure I continue to progress in CrossFit. Read on to find out what I’ve been trying to finally smash through my plateau now my newbie gains are well and truly over.

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What I Wish I Knew When I Was A CrossFit Newbie

things i wish i knew about crossfit

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, isn’t it? And so is learning from others’ mistakes – or at least it would be, if we actually did. We humans are far too egotistical, always thinking we know best and that the mistake won’t happen to us. Maybe that’s just me, but I’d be surprised if it was.

I still think I’m very new to CrossFit, but I’ve been doing the sport for nearly two years now, and yep, I’ve made mistakes – despite coaches and peers warning me. I’ll probably make a lot more mistakes, too, but hopefully not the very same ones again.

I’m going to drop some knowledge bombs from my two years here: if you’re anything like me, you’ll read and ignore, choosing to do your own thing. But maybe you’re a newbie CrossFitter who’d really like to do things right the first time, in which case this advice might just benefit you – but either way, read on to hear about my mistakes at least!

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That Time I Trained With Two-Time Fittest Woman On Earth, Katrin Davidsdottir

train with katrin davidsdottir

Katrin Davidsdottir is a two-time Fittest Woman on Earth. This doesn’t come from genetics, or luck, or from doing a bit of exercise here and there. It comes from strategic training, eating, and sleeping, and a strong network around you, supporting you whatever happens.

I know that already. You know that. But thinking you know what somebody’s life is like and actually experiencing it are two very different things. I was lucky enough to spend some time with the champ – to find out what she really eats (a lot at breakfast, for one), how she trains, and how her network operates around her – and I was amazed by her quiet determination and focus.

Here, I’ve documented a workout I did with her – which for her was just a warmup, and one that keeps her ticking over on active rest day – so you can hear for yourself what kind of athlete she really is. Maybe you could even give the workout a go yourself..!

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How Much Ya Bench? | The Bench Press For CrossFit Athletes

bench press for crossfitters

Lynne, Linda, Roney and Justin. What do these 4 names have in common? Are they all going out on a double date? Are they the newest band on the X-Factor? Nope – they’re all benchmark CrossFit WODs which feature bench pressing.

In the year and a half I’ve been doing CrossFit, I’ve managed to avoid doing any bench pressing in WODs, and have benched maybe two or three times during the skill and strength portion of a class. But what’s the big deal? CrossFitters don’t need to bench press, do they?

Actually, benching may be more beneficial for functional athletes than you may think. I chatted to PT and powerlifter Tom Ludley about why benching is important – he also happens to be a firefighter, so knows a thing or two about real life functional fitness…

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