CrossFit Gym Bag Essentials

gymbag essentials

Going to the gym requires very little equipment. Just you, your clothes, some shoes (maybe some shoes tailored especially to your type of training, if you’re that way inclined), and a vessel to carry water around with you. Not even that – most modern gyms have water fountains you can stick your head under if necessary.

CrossFitters like to make things more complicated, of course. It’s never just a squat; it’s three air squats, a pull-up, ten handstand push-ups and a 400m run. It’s the same for the kit required. The longer I go to CrossFit, the heavier my gym bag becomes with completely necessary kit to enable me to complete a WOD. Read on to find out what I now consider to be my gym bag essentials. View Post


We Can All Be California Girls | Get Fit 4 Free

california girl get fit 4 free

What I would give to be a California girl – sun all year round, green juice bars on every corner, and generally a chilled-out lifestyle. The grass really does seem greener. Right now the Californian dream is very distant, especially after the dismal summer we’ve had, but luckily this autumn Sweaty Betty are giving up a glimpse into the Cali life with their new Get Fit 4 Free workout, California Girl.

The workout is in collaboration with celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, and promises to whip your body into that of a dancer – to paraphrase Simone, if you want the body of a dancer, then you dance! I took a look at the sneak peek video and gave some of the moves a go myself.

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The 6 Ways CrossFit Has Benefited Me… So Far

benefits of crossfit

It’s been eight weeks since I started going to QDos Fitness, and I think I can now call myself a CrossFitter. It’s only when you stick at something consistently you can look back on what you’ve done and how far you’ve come, and I already feel I’ve come a long way on my CrossFit journey.

True, I have a long way to go before I walk into the CrossFit Games on my hands. But without reflection we’d never learn, so although I am a mere CrossFit rookie, I’ve already been thinking of the benefits CrossFit has brought to my life. Without further adieu, here’s the ways that CrossFit has benefited me, so far… View Post


One Night with Jessie Pavelka

jessie pavelka uk

Honestly, when I was invited to go workout with Jessie Pavelka, I didn’t know who he was. A HIIT class and the promise of a healthy buffet is more than enough to get me somewhere. Things started to get a bit more real when I told my friend Laura what I was up to: “Have you SEEN A Year to Save My Life?!”

Erm. No. I hadn’t, actually. Maybe I should get out more. Or should that be stay in..?

It was only fair that I got Laura involved, so one evening after work we went to the incredible Carden Park near Chester to go train with Jessie.

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Tips For Surviving Your First Spartan Race

spartan race

Remember I wrote a post, Get Spartan Fit, about training for a Spartan Race? I posted that after having a look around online for the obstacles, and after finding only a few (Spartan are cagey about which obstacles they have at each race) I did a bit of extra upper body stuff at the gym and headed towards my first Spartan Race with confidence.

Oh, how wrong I was. As I walked towards the race village last weekend and spotted some of the obstacles, I realised how under-prepared I was. Now I know the only thing that prepares you for doing a Spartan Race is to do a Spartan Race, because most of the obstacles are pretty unique. Of course, now I have completed a Spartan Super I feel much more wizened to Spartan’s suffering, so read on for my tips on surviving your first Spartan.
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My First Week At QDos | CrossFit For Beginners

strong is the new skinny

Today was my fourth CrossFit class at QDos, thus completing my first week at the box, which is near Manchester Airport. Major kudos to the guys as not only do they have a gym name where you can make that “kudos” pun, they’ve also improved my form remarkably and already taught me to do new things. Considering these improvements it’s pretty unfair that CrossFit has a bad reputation for ruining form and getting injuries: throughout this week I’ve been under the watchful eye of a coach at all times – even two for bigger classes – with small adjustments being made to each movement I’ve made.

If you’re a beginner thinking of starting CrossFit, my advice is to just go for it! Everything can be scaled or modified to your own abilities, and there’s absolutely no shame in doing so. Everybody is working too hard on their own workout to mind what you’re lifting, and also many of the workouts are AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) which means that even if fitter athletes have finished their first round they’ll continue onto further rounds. It’s impossible to tell who’s up to which point in the WOD.

That being said, don’t hold back with trying out more advanced things. I accidentally turned up for Games Team training, decided to just go for it and had a great time. I’ve really surprised myself at the amount of things I’ve achieved this week.

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Les Mills ONELive

les mills one live

Les Mills classes were the way I first got into fitness, with two hours of back-to-back Pump and Combat twice a week. Picture me jab, jab, upper, hook-ing in training gloves and baggy Nike dance pants and you’ll get the idea of a big Wednesday night out of my early twenties. Fast forward seven years and I was totally Pump-ed (ho) to hit up London’s ONELive with my fellow Les Mills-mad pal, Debs.

The classes have grown so much since I started doing them in my local JJB Sports gym and Les Mills has turned into a bona fidé mega-brand, with revellers at ONELive dressed top-to-toe in LM gear. If you’re unsure as to what ONELive is, it’s basically an enormous workout with thousands of other fitness freaks. There were three different studios (that I was aware of!) running classes all day, and I – being a glutton for punishment – did four sessions with what seemed like mere minutes of refuel in-between.

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