7 Things You Should Know Before You Climb Mount Snowdon For The First Time

climbing mount snowdon

Are you thinking of climbing Snowdon for the very first time? It’s an achievable goal, but it’s no walk in the park, so read on before you start making your plans!

A few months ago I went on a big walk with my friend Laura, who said that she really wanted to climb Snowdon. “Well, let’s set a date then!”, I said, and thought absolutely no more of it. Mere days later there was a group chat, a date, and a beautiful cottage booked in the Welsh valleys, ready for a gang of girls to climb Mount Snowdon.

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How YOU Can Have A Fit + Healthy Holiday In Croatia! Active Trip Dubrovnik, Hvar + Split

active travel croatia

If you’re looking for a holiday destination that is temperate all year round, has equal parts relaxation, activity and partying, and is a short three-hour flight away from the UK, then the Croatia could be the place for you.

I recently did a trip along the Croatian coast, visiting Dubrovnik, Hvar and Split, and had an awesome time. The scenery is absolute spectacular and if you love being by the sea, then you’ll love Croatia – I’ve never travelled so much by boat!

Holidays are definitely for relaxing, and if you eat and exercise well for the rest of the year then 2 weeks isn’t going to ruin anything – but if you’re an active person or you have health and fitness goals you want to hit, you’ll want to keep moving and eat some healthy food while you’re away. It’ll also mean it’s not so much of a shock to the system when you get home and back to training!

I found the best active things to do and healthy food to eat in Croatia so you can enjoy your holiday whilst also having some active fun.

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Frequent Traveller? Here’s How To Stay Fit + Healthy On Work Trips

Get to travel a lot for work? Lucky you! But as you know if you do it already, it’s tough to stick to a fit and healthy lifestyle if you’re constantly on a train or plane, or in a city not well known to you.

I travel around twice a month for work, sometimes abroad, sometimes just to London – but it’s taken me a year to get better at this healthy travelling thing. I still could do better (you’ll hear a couple of my anecdotes within the post!) but I’m starting to refine best practise for work trips. So pick your travel outfit – gym hoodies and joggers are my choice of planewear – scout out some healthy snacks, and read on to find out the simple ways you stay fit and healthy while you’re on the move.

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Hiking the Camino de Santiago | What You Should Know Before Walking This 100km Trail

hiking camino de santiago

I’ve now been home for just over a week after hiking the Camino de Santiago although it somehow feels much longer than that – it was one of those experiences where you can’t remember what life was like before and can’t imagine what going back to real life would be like. You just feel like you’ll be walking along the trail for the rest of your life – and actually, you feel pretty good about that!

There was plenty of time for quiet reflection, and I learned a lot during the trip – not only about the Camino, but about myself, too. Read on to find out what I learned, what you should be looking forward to if you’re booked in to do the trip, and a couple of facts you might not already know about the trail!

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This post is in partnership with G Adventures, although my opinion is genuine and I will only collaborate with brands I truly believe in.

WIN | I’m Hiking The Camino De Santiago This Summer… + You Could Too!

camino de santiago with g adventures

The Camino de Santiago is a Spanish set of trails that all lead to Santiago de Compostela – and I’m so excited to say that I’ll be hiking 100km of this trail with G Adventures this summer. Not only that, but the very kind G Adventures team are giving YOU the chance to win this trip, too!

Hiking 100km in less than a week sounds pretty daunting, but I’m confident that with the right training, carefully considered packing, and the three-sixty degree support that G Adventures provide, I’ll have an incredible, safe and active time.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be documenting my preparation for this trip, both here on the blog and on my Instagram. Read on to find out more about what exactly the Camino de Santiago is – and how YOU can win your own Spanish hiking trip, too.

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I'm working in partnership with G Adventures for this trip, but as ever my opinion will never be bought, and I will only support companies I truly believe in.

7 Tips To Enjoy A Healthy + Fit Trip To Reykjavik, Iceland

health fitness reykjavik iceland

Heilsa! That’s Icelandic for health – but is also used as a greeting. Pretty nice, huh? It’s also meaningful, given that health and wellness is seamlessly interwoven into Icelandic culture. Given that it’s cold a lot of the time, and half the year it’s also dark for most of the day, it would be easy to slip into the habit of staying indoors a lot and eating comfort food – yet many people in Iceland choose to live active and outdoorsy lifestyles, and the food is made from fresh ingredients with no nasties added.

I spent three days in Iceland recently and found it simple to eat well and keep active – my main problem is that I could have easily stayed a lot longer, as there’s so much to do! It’s unfortunately a very expensive place though, which is worth bearing in mind before you book your trip. Read on to find out my top tips for a healthy, fit and happy stay in Reykjavik – number one may just surprise you…

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Healthy Things To Eat + Do In Dublin

healthy dublin

What do you get for the lady who has everything, and wants nothing? That was the dilemma I faced in December with my mum’s birthday looming. Luckily Ryanair’s Black Friday flight sale came at just the right time and it was decided: as a surprise we’d go for a whistlestop overnight stay in Dublin.

The city is famous for being loud, brash city, with plenty of pubs serving up Guinness by the pintload – but my mum doesn’t drink and I’m very much still in my January health kick, so we set about finding a few more healthy things to do! Thankfully, like most big cities, health and fitness is a big trend in Dublin right now, so there was plenty to do – and we still managed to treat ourselves along the way…

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