As a youngster, Sarah was absolutely obsessed with horses and spent as much time as she could outdoors with them – until hitting teenage years, when boys and trying to be cool took over! It was around this time when Sarah became much more body conscious, and began struggling with self-image, as many young women do.

After her father passed away in 2013 Sarah needed a way to channel her grief so set herself a target to run the Manchester 10K in less than an hour. This not only helped her deal with grief, but fitness became something she loved to do, and as her focus changed from how she looked to how her body could move, she finally gained the body confidence she’d struggled with for many years.

Now, Sarah loves strength sports like weightlifting and CrossFit, and works towards performance-based goals like strict pull-ups or double bodyweight deadlifts now. She currently works in sports marketing, has been running a fitness blog since January 2014, and in her spare time works 1-2-1 with Personal Training clients.

If any of this story resonates with you, or if you feel I could help you in another way, then please do get in touch regarding Personal Training sessions or online programming.