Personal Training For Strength + Functional Fitness

Looking great is cool – but wouldn’t you like to feel strong and know that your fitness contributes to everyday life, too?

functional fitness personal trainer

Strength training and functional fitness can be a daunting concept, but as a specialist in these areas, I can help you become stronger than you’ve ever been before.

Functional fitness is simply strength and fitness we use in our every day lives – from lifting up a heavy object to the ground, to protecting our backs when sitting at a desk. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come from just using gym machines.

5 Benefits of Functional Fitness

  • Increased muscle mass. Feel stronger, look better, lose weight easier with metabolically active muscle.
  • Everyday life is easier. Carrying shopping bags, picking up your baby, climbing the stairs. All of these are functional movements which we can train in the gym to make your life easier.
  • Improves coordination. The movements we work on will get progressively more difficult as your coordination improves.
  • Improves flexibility. We were not made to sit at a desk all day – functional movements help bring us back to the way we are supposed to move, and increase our flexibility.
  • Improves posture. Unlike weight machines at the gym, functional training encourages you to use your entire body and especially core to keep engaged and perform the movement.

Based in Heald Green, Manchester, my one-to-one sessions are fun and will challenge you to move your body the way it was meant to, all whilst building strength that will contribute to a healthy lifestyle for years to come!

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