Why Am I Not Getting Stronger? | 5 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Strength

January 25, 2019

Have you been smashing the weights recently but been feeling frustrated because you’re not getting stronger? You’re probably not doing anything wrong with your lifts – but you might want to look at your lifestyle and your programming to ensure you’re working consistently towards your strength goals. Read on to find out the possible reasons why you’re not getting stronger and how you can fine…

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What’s The Difference Between Training, Running, CrossFit + Weightlifting Shoes?

January 22, 2019

It’s completely normal to wear any trainer you already own when you start out with fitness. It doesn’t make sense to immediately buy new kit before you start – who’s to say you’ll enjoy it, or even what you’ll enjoy? Different types of fitness need different types of shoe, so once you’ve figured out what you’re into, it’s time to get yourself some new kicks! Read…

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How To Rest, Relax + Recover From Strength Training | In Partnership With Dr SALTS+

January 18, 2019

Strength training puts a huge demand on your body, so if you’re doing it frequently you’ll want to incorporate some rest and recovery strategies. I’ve teamed up with Dr SALTS+ to look into how and why of recovering from strength training, so you might want to read on if you’ve had a tough workout today!…

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9 Top Strength Training Tips For Runners + Endurance Athletes

January 15, 2019

You’re a runner, so surely pounding on your legs for miles a week constitutes as strength training, right? Nuh-uh, afraid not! Strength training for endurance athletes can help prevent injury, correct imbalances, and can enhance your movement economy plus there are also studies that show strength training can improve time-trial performances and even your VO2 max, so there’s definite benefits to adding in specific strength work…

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Want To Learn How To Lift Weights? Take Your First Reps With The Squatbot Squad

January 1, 2019

Have you ever wanted to get strong, feel confident and have fun with weight training but didn’t know where to start? This January I have just the thing for you. Read on to learn more about First Reps……

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11 Ways Battle Cancer London Puts The FUN Into Functional Fitness

December 4, 2018

It might not look like it on my face, but I LOVED Battle Cancer London and had so much fun! From a dancing warm-up and heart-warming moments, to the burpees that very nearly killed me, it’s an awesome day from start to end. Read on to find out exactly why the competition puts the FUN in functional fitness.…

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Three Months In | How I’m Doing With Self Employed Personal Training

November 23, 2018

Sometimes I still have ‘pinch me’ moments about my life and career right now – of course it’s nowhere close to perfect and I have a long way to go, but I can’t believe that I’m now over three months in to my journey of self employment. I’ve had a think about my past few months as solely working as a Personal Trainer – read…

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