9 Reasons You Should Enter A CrossFit Competition… At LEAST Once

why compete in crossfit

Entering a CrossFit competition can seem like a pretty big deal – all those people, gymnastics, and weights! But it’s something I believe every CrossFitter should try out, at least once.

If you’re sitting on the fence about entering then read on. This should convince you to enter faster than a judge can yell NO REP!

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Photos by Liam PDB Walsh

My First Week At QDos | CrossFit For Beginners

strong is the new skinny

Today was my fourth CrossFit class at QDos, thus completing my first week at the box, which is near Manchester Airport. Major kudos to the guys as not only do they have a gym name where you can make that “kudos” pun, they’ve also improved my form remarkably and already taught me to do new things. Considering these improvements it’s pretty unfair that CrossFit has a bad reputation for ruining form and getting injuries: throughout this week I’ve been under the watchful eye of a coach at all times – even two for bigger classes – with small adjustments being made to each movement I’ve made.

If you’re a beginner thinking of starting CrossFit, my advice is to just go for it! Everything can be scaled or modified to your own abilities, and there’s absolutely no shame in doing so. Everybody is working too hard on their own workout to mind what you’re lifting, and also many of the workouts are AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) which means that even if fitter athletes have finished their first round they’ll continue onto further rounds. It’s impossible to tell who’s up to which point in the WOD.

That being said, don’t hold back with trying out more advanced things. I accidentally turned up for Games Team training, decided to just go for it and had a great time. I’ve really surprised myself at the amount of things I’ve achieved this week.

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