4 Fit Foodie Finds From The Manchester Makers Market

fit food manchester makers market

Scrolling through Instagram one Saturday afternoon, I chanced upon the most incredible photo of half a watermelon, stuffed with juicy chunks of watermelon, berries and grapes. Watermelon is on a list of my very favourite foods ever, so I was super psyched to find out it was actually from the Makers’ Market in Manchester city centre!

Honestly, I thought the Makers’ Market was just people selling homemade badges and scarves, so when I arrived and found all sorts of food I was so happy. I could’ve eaten everything. If you want the best of homemade fare it’s definitely worth the trip – with this being a fitness blog I’ve focused on the slightly healthier options, but you could pick up artisan pies, exquisite chocolate, and craft beers if you wished.

This isn’t an ad or in any way associated with the Makers’ Market… I just really love food and supporting small businesses! Read on to find out my fit foodie finds from the Manchester Makers’ Market and let me know whether I’ve missed anything from the food markets around Manchester.

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One Epic Cheat Meal at Manchester Food + Drink Festival 2015

epic cheat meal

If there’s one thing all fitness people have in common – whether they’re powerlifters, bodybuilders, CrossFitters, marathon runners, or bikini competitors – it’s that we all love food. Food in massive amounts. Healthy food and not-so-healthy food. It fuels our workouts, helps us recover, and generally makes us happy!

Some fitness people look forward to their epic cheat meal like most look forward to Christmas, and there is nothing like eating a massive meal after a hard workout. I still remember how that plate of fish, chips, and mushy peas gave me life after running the Manchester Marathon.

I try not to separate food into good and bad, though I do try to focus on creating meals from scratch using mainly vegetables, fresh meat and wholegrain carbs. However, I love the thought of going wild on food with no associated guilt every so often, and that’s exactly what I did this past weekend at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival!

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